The Witness of the Stars has ratings and 22 reviews. interest to students of Christianity and astrology alike, E.W. Bullinger uses astronomy, celestial charts. WITNESS OF THE STARS. BY THE. REV. ETHELBERT W. BULLINGER, D.D.. "HE telleth the number of the stars ;. He giveth them all their names.". The Witness of the Stars. E. W. Bullinger. Preface. Some years ago it was my privilege to enjoy the acquaintance of. Miss Frances Rolleston, of.

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Jul 03, Jacky rated it liked it Shelves: The first part of the book is difficult to read owing to its technical nature.

The two-natured Conqueror going forth “Conquering and to conquer. The mighty Vanquisher seeming to sink in the conflict. The great enemy bound.

The Witness of the Stars E.W. Bullinger “With Foldout chart!”

JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Helena rated it really liked it Feb 19, The cup of Divine wrath poured out upon him. Messiah’s Reign as Prince of Peace. His emphatic way of writing was quite humorous as he tried to use the style to convince the reader of the truth of his words. The redeemed pilgrims safe at home.

Special thanks to research-bpr of Philologos for typing this electronic copy. This is my second read-through. We truly appreciate your bulllnger.

Furthermore, there is bullingsr epilogue chapter commenting on the calculation of prophecies, which I’ve been very skeptical about, but one should definitely take a look into it and find a surprise there if you’ve been following historical events in the Middle East in the last century Graham Library, Trinity College. Beginning with proof in Psalm 19 that “the Creator both numbered as well as named the stars of heaven, In a work of profound interest to students of Christianity and astrology alike, E.

You can “see” the gospel told through the 12 major constellations in our night sky. Perversion of the zodiac This is an old and interesting book covering the signs of the zodiac, something which I have in the past steered away from because of its pagan roots. The absence of the star charts really dissipated the value of this book.


The Witness of the Stars

Bullinger uses astronomy, celestial charts, and quotations from the Bible to make his case for the existence of God’s Word within the movements and configurations of the stars themselves. He lost me in the last chapter talking about periods of time and special numbers outlining the time that Jerusalem will be “trodden underfoot,” and he goes to great lengths in saying how some prophecies are about Israel and Jerusalem, NOT the Christian Church.

The Desired of all nations. This book was originally published in I love this book because it dismisses lf New Age idea of “astrology” and instead glorifies the Creator of stars! The Redeemed blessed though bound. He suggests that the signs were basically intended as a set of three heavenly books, each with four chapters, to present the 12 pointed message of God’s redemption plan for mankind. It explains why we have only certain buklinger handed down through history and how they allowed the sharing of the Gospel before Pagans perverted their meanings.

Adam, who first heard that wondrous promise, repeated it, and gave it to his posterity as a most precious heritage— ground of all their faith, the substance of all their hope, the object of all their desire. Stafs the book, Bullinger describes each of the constellations in the zodiac starting with virgo through to leo – the riddle of the sphinx is explained!!

The Prophecy of the Promised Seed of the Woman. Some years ago it was my privilege to enjoy the acquaintance of Miss Frances Rolleston, of Keswick, and to carry on a correspondence with her with respect to her work, Mazzaroth or, the Constellations. Insightful and helpful information but a bit dry.

He takes the names, meanings, and chronology of the zodiac and random Bible verses to try and prove his point. My rating doesn’t mean it is bad, just too much staars even for me Thanks for telling us about the problem. That old Serpent— Devil, destroyed. Be the first to ask a question about The Witness of the Stars.


Deep roots of information for them who know that life is more than only harvest a lot of money. Jul 15, Alysia witness it it was amazing.

However, these portions can be simply skimmed over tye minimal loss of continuity if desired. The struggle with the enemy. Is this the hope–that Christ the Lord will come, In all the glory of His royal right, Redeemer and Avenger, taking home His saints, and crushing the usurper’s might? This very bul,inger book written in the s is as valid today as the day it was written.

Beginning with Virgo the virgin and ending with Leo the lion of Judah we can see the whole story laid out before us of Christ’s Perversion of the zodiac This is an old and interesting book covering the signs of the zodiac, something which I have in the past bullniger away from because of its pagan roots. I found it bullingre, inspirational, and thought provoking.

Bullinger displays how the constellations bear witness to the accuracy of biblical prophetic truths. Mar 22, Carrie Lindsey rated it it was ok.

No one can question the accuracy of the ancient star names which have come down to us, for they are still preserved in every good celestial atlas.

The Witness of the Stars by E. W. Bullinger

In this case, I got less than I paid for. Based on the information that the author had at the time he did a fairly remarkable job gathering and using the sources that were at his disposal. A Study in Pentecost. Consuming fire prepared for His enemies.

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