Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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There is no art but what has its progress; at first, we labor with toil, but at last we reap the fruit of our industry. O were we once persuaded of the goodness of God toward his poor creatures, and of his desire to communicate Himself to them, we should not create ideal monsters, nor so easily despair of obtaining that good which He is so earnest to bestow: What risk do you run in depending solely on God, and abandoning yourself wholly to Him?

The fire no longer touches it; and were it to remain an age in the furnace, its spotlessness would madaem be increased, nor its substance diminished. Short chapters make it easy to read.

When it abates, it may excite the will by some tender affection; and if, by the first moving thereof, it finds itself reinstated in sweet peace, let it there remain; the fire must be gently fanned, but as soon as it is kindled, we must cease our efforts, lest we extinguish it by our activity. O ye dispensers of his grace!

Experiencing God Through Prayer by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon

Masame do you not instantly cast yourself into the arms of L OVEwho only extended them on the cross that He might embrace you? If they feel an inclination to peace and silence, let them not continue the words of the prayer so long as this sensation holds; and when it subsides, let them go on with the second petition, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven! I would not be understood to speak of the preparations necessary for ordinances, but of the most perfect interior disposition in which they can be received.


He is more present to us than we throughh to ourselves.

Good, short easy read. Now, this can never be accomplished by the industry of the creature; on the ghyon, he always submits to it with reluctance; because, as I have said, he is so enamored of self, and so fearful of its destruction, that did not God act upon him powerfully and with authority, he would never consent. Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness. To bear all the states of Jesus Christ, is a much greater thing, than merely to meditate about them.

Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon. ex;eriencing

Then, continuing the Lord’s prayer, let him beseech this King of Glory to reign in him, abandoning himself to God, that He may do it, and acknowledging his right to rule over him. E xperiencing G od T hrough P rayer. Nov 04, Sam rated it liked it. In this state of abandonment Jesus Christ frequently communicates some peculiar views, or revelations of his states: So the soul that is tranquil and peaceful in prayer, sinks frequently into a mystic slumber, wherein all its powers are at rest, till it is wholly fitted for that state, of which it enjoys these transient anticipations.

Just from the introduction, I can already sense Madame Guyon’s humbleness through her writing. A CTS are distinguished into external and ex;eriencing. We should the gd be induced to act thus, as God himself has said, “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye. They give themselves only to be caressed, and wrest themselves back again, when they are crucified; or at least turn for consolation to the creature.

This is our proper course interiorly, and a short time will advance us by the divine impulsion farther than many reiterated acts of self-exertion. It is, then, improper to say that we do not make acts; all form acts, but rhrough manner of their formation is not alike in all.

And it is still more certain, that those who in right earnest make trial of the way, will find we have written the truth. Be not like those who give themselves to Him at througu season, only to withdraw from Him at another.


Experiencing God Through Prayer

It still remains in its original simplicity. Oct 01, Stuart rated it really liked it Shelves: Now all the exercises of discursive prayer, and even of active contemplation, regarded as an end, and not as a mere preparative to that which is passive, are still living exercises, by praye we cannot see God; that is to say, be united with him.

The experienced instructor knows this, points to the water of life, and lends his aid to obtain it. None can any more feign this, than the wretch who is on the point of perishing with hunger can, for any length of time at least, feign to be full and satisfied.

Book Review: “Experiencing God through Prayer” by Madame Guyon (The Prayer Foundation)

It was written for a few individuals, who were desirous of loving God with all their heart. Paul has enjoined us to “pray without ceasing;” 1 Thess. When the divine presence is granted us, and we gradually begin to relish silence and repose, this experimental enjoyment of the presence of God introduces the soul into the second degree of prayer, which, by proceeding in the manner I have described, is attainable as guyoon by the illiterate as by the learned; some privileged souls, indeed, are favored with it even from the beginning.

Just so should it be in her members; that they may be spiritual children of the Church, they must be moved by the Spirit. I T will be objected, that, by this method, we shall have no mysteries imprinted on maadme minds; but so far is thdough from being the case, that it is the peculiar means of imparting them to the soul. So the soul which rests in God, has an activity exceedingly noble and elevated, yet altogether peaceful; and the more peaceful it is, the swifter is its course; because it is experiencinng up to that Spirit by whom it is moved and directed.

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