Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum’s life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits dangerously close to home, in this dynamite novel by Janet. Life is never dull for Stephanie Plum, but now she’s got an assassin and the FBI on her tail in Evanovich’s less than stellar 18th entry in her. STEPHANIE’S GOT A ONE-WAY TICKET TO TROUBLE. After a holiday from hell, Stephanie’s heading back to New Jersey and life as a bounty.

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I like the casting of Ranger but the casting of Joe is off for me. But given we only got a Plum book in June or July, that much was to be expected.

Explosive Eighteen

I put the phone in an outside pocket, and I looked at the envelope. For information address Random House, Inc.

I’ve lost my Plum love! But it doesn’t make up for the complete degree turns every character in the Plum series has taken.

Never janett a woman who feels threatened. Heh, I said coming. I have to say that I have been waiting for view spoiler [Morelli and Ranger to finally come to blows hide spoiler ]. Only for the worse. Nov 26, Heather Codename: I write A LOT. Evanovich is brilliant and her sense of humor is down right breathtaking. Mor I was beginning to not like ,myself so much.


Explosive Eighteen

I have no sympathy for you when evannovich get kidnapped. After several loud passenger comments suggesting someone take the initiative and smother the guy, flight attendants confiscated all the pillows and began passing out free alcoholic beverages. It was the last time any of the characters came clos As you can tell from my rating, I found evahovich book to be terribly disappointing.

That’s why he protects her as much as he does, because Stephanie cannot hold her own.

I wrenched the coach door open and climbed the three steps up to the cockpit and beyond. You can get a lot of mileage out of those scenarios that we have not visited, yet. I want to read about what followed.

Great condition for a used book! All of my friends are back – Lula who was in rare form for 18Morelli and Ranger they took a backseat here, as Stephanie was “off men” for the time beingGrandma Mazur, and the rest.

Explosive Eighteen Excerpt – Janet Evanovich

She melts into goo. A First Edition, First Printing. Plenty of disastrous escapades ensue, cars disappear, the romantic tension mounts as Stephanie tries to say “no,” dumb bad guys pull crazy stunts, lots of junk food is consumed, and the hamster continues to hide in his soup can – it’s all there and, once again, entertained me immensely for a few hours!


So I, still firmly in “sucker mode”preorder the book, blurb unread, and anxiously wait for it to arrive only to find drum roll please When it’s easier ; It seems that after 18 books, Ranger and Morelli have lost their balls. Nov 22, Pages. Author Signed Hardcover Book.

Explosive Eighteen by Evanovich, Janet

Ranger calls her a babe. Still love Lula and Grandma Mazur.

And all Stephanie is willing eigheen say about her Hawaiian vacation is. She hasn’t picked up any skills hanging around Rangeman? Or just choose Morelli and give us a couple of juicy books in which he teaches her to shoot and gives her babies.

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