Michael Yessis Plyometric Training Achieving Explosive Power in Sports – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis. Keywords: Plyometric, Exercise, Agility, Explosive strength, Speed. 1. Introduction . [14] Yessis Michael (). Explosive Plyometrics.

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After you master the exercise, do two, three, or more jumps in exlosive row. This misunderstanding came about because the authors of some of the more popular plyornetric books and articles did not understand the difference between jump and plyometric exercises. The key to successful utilization of the entire body is in the integration of each body part into a smooth sequential pattern.

Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis – Free Download PDF

But if your take-offs are executed well, tuck jumps can serve an important purpose. An explosive mid-section is needed explossive sports such as football passing, cutting, blocking, tacklingbaseball, softball pitching, throwing from the outfield, battingbasketball mainly for cutting97 field events javelin, shot, discusgolf, tennis and other racket sportsboxing, the martial arts, lacrosse and hockey shooting and cutting. This exercise is especially important when you must take a quick, long step as for example when trying to steal a ball, or reaching a plyometgics or for reversing directions.

On the next jump rotate in the same direction 90″ and then rotate to the front facing position olyometrics the next jump. Thank you for interesting in our services. In each phase you train to gain certain physical qualities or results.

It is also important for increasing your ability to execute an explosive push off as exploskve not only in reaching for a person or an object, but also for improving running speed and acceleration.

Landing should take place on the balls of the feet followed immediately by the heels whole footfollowed in turn by ankle, knee and hip joint flexion.

Explosive Plyometrics

Start with five reps to get the feel for the exercise. Journal of strength and conditioning research. At this time the eccentric contraction is not as strong as needed and you may not be able to control the weight either on the down or up phases. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.


Explosive Plyometrics – Michael Yessis – Google Books

Get to Know Us. This includes the high jump, long jump, pole vault, basketball lay-up and others. When you have become proficient in this exercise, you should be able to catch the barbell and handle it on your own. Understand that you are a unique individual.

Because of this, it follows the other types of training that require maximum levels of energy.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. When receiving a moving object, as, for example, a medicine ball coming at you, the force when you make contact with the ball, depends on ball weight and the speed with which the ball is moving.

Jump Stance In the initial stance your feet should be directly under the plyometrlcs so that when you straighten your legs they push the hips and upper body straight upward. Use the movement of the upper body forward by contraction of the abdominals to throw the ball.

Do not leap very far forward; emphasis should be on an upward jump and Explowive 5.

Be sure that you have sufficient tension on the tubing so that you leap against strong resistance and have strong resistance pulling you back. It was initially made famous by Soviet Olympians in the s, providing the core element in the strength programs of elite sporting athletes worldwide.

For example, high-level sprinters execute the switch from the eccentric contraction that occurs when the foot hits yessid ground to the concentric contraction when the foot breaks contact with the ground in less than 0. Studies have been conducted testing ten various plyometric exercises on overall performance during jumping examined by EMG, power, and ground reaction force GRF. The power phase is very short.

The weight is held or worn. Verkhoshansky, we now call his method the shock method. To better comprehend how integration yessls be accomplished you must first understand the concept of periodization and cycling. This accumulated force llyometrics then transferred together with the force produced by the shoulder rotation to the arms when hitting a ball. We need your help to maintenance this website. Pronate the hands as you throw the ball palms face out to the sides and the fingers point forward after release.

  BS ISO 15489 PDF

Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis

Assume a semi-squat position holding a ball on extended arms between the legs. The only exceptions are when there is insufficient time to use the whole body.

This is not a plyometric exercise although it is a precursor to doing the true plyometric version. By developing your jump abilities you can be on a par with most other athletes, especially those who have a predominance of white, explosive fibers and who typically do not do supplementary training to become better.

Keep the body rigid, bend the arms, and then push off to leap up a few inches above the support surface.

You must prepare the ankle and a leg for the actions. Your body should be as erect as possible and the leg to be exercised should be moved behind the body as far as possible to duplicate the thigh position immediately after a push off as seen in running.

However, jump training is valuable and should be used in the training of athletes, especially in the early years and in preparation for explosive plyometrics. Please help improve it or discuss these issues yessks the talk page.

For example, it can be used in a squat, overhead press or jerk or pushpresstriceps press, bench press, trunk rotation, medial shoulder joint rotation and others. Start with the bar yessid above level wrist ulna flexed and then lower it until it expplosive slightly below level. Proprioception is an important component of balance, coordination and agility, which is also required for safe plyometrjcs of plyometric exercises.

Do not jump on concrete, unless you use a resilient mat or padding so that there is some “give” to the surface.

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