Eyebeam for windows • Read online or download PDF • CounterPath eyeBeam User Guide for Windows User Manual. CounterPath eyeBeam for Windows CounterPath Corporation Suite , Bentall One Centre Burrard Street Box 95 Vancouver BC V7X 1M3 Tel. eyeBeam User Guide Operations and Configuration Guide to eyeBeam CounterPath’s Full-Featured Video Softphone CounterPath Solutions, Inc. Floor 8 .

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Figure 9 – The Instant Message Window Type a message in the bottom text area, then click Send on the right to send the message. Page 54 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. As new calls come in, eyeBeam will automatically answer it and add it to the conference call.

The call eybeeam added to the Received Calls list. To configure a video camera, click the Video Tools button. Click the blue phone icon near the top of the IM screen to call the person for a voice conversation. This file will typically be called eyebeam-CounterPathWin[build number]. A new set of files is started each time eyfbeam log on.

While some codecs require less bandwidth than others, lower bandwidth often exhibits lower voice quality. Calls will arrive on Line 1 by default, and are indicated by a flashing light on the line button.

There are two types of services.

Adjust the speaker volume to a comfortable level. Location of Eyfbeam System files get copied to the installation directory specified when installing eyeBeam. Please refer to Section 2. Page 32 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. To restart the conference, click CONF again. Page 1 eyeBeam 1.


Please refer instead to the documentation from the applicable service provider.

Other parties will see this name they are when connnected to you. With mannual active call in progress, inform the person on the other end that they are about to be transferred to a third party, then click the XFER button see Figure 1.

CounterPath eyeBeam 1.5 Manuals

When finished entering eyebem of the information, click OK to save the settings. For the address enter a domain name for example, domain. Click Next to begin the wizard. Enter the SIP address or number in the Call display using the softphone keypad or the computer keyboard.

Your service provider may also provide the eyebam to set up for voicemail outside of eyeBeam, for example, by phoning a SIP address and following the voice prompts, or by accessing a website.

Page 48 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Information on voicemail is provided by your VoIP service provider; it is not part of eyeBeam. Select the eyeBeam folder or the folder specified upon install. Otherwise, uncheck this box and complete the Username and Password fields.

If you move your computer to a different IP address, eyeBeam automatically detects the new speed. Set the location to save AVI files for recorded conversations. The following is a partial list of features included in the eyeBeam softphone. Page 19 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. The content of this publication is intended to demonstrate typical uses and capabilities of the eyeBeam 1.

  ITR 4 AY 09-10 PDF

Page 9 2 Installation and Setup 2.

CounterPath eyeBeam : User Guide for Windows Owner’s manual

The exact functionality depends on how your VoIP service provider supports Flash. Suggested configuration for Mac OS X version Vertically flip AVI video: Page 8 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. How to ping a computer Mac OS X: Users can choose to ignore calls by clicking the Ignore button found within the call status screen below the caller ID of the incoming call. Page 67 CounterPath eyeBeam 1.

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Page 64 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Page 37 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Page 65 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Page 43 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. These choices are shown on this panel. Floor 8, West Pender St. This field is required.

See page 22 Contacts. The default installation directory is: Dial the number to which the call is to be transferred. One or more pairs. The Add Contact dialog box appears.

Page 56 CounterPath eyeBeam 1.

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