Faerûn’s Underdark is not a single, contiguous cavern system, and even places on the same level may not connect to each other. The existence of Underdark. The region called the Underdark is an entire world beneath the feet of the surface dwellers of Faerûn. Inhabited by monstrous and evil creatures that shun the. I’m currently running a game of D&D and was wondering (and this might be a stupid question but I can’t find anything on it) how far Faerun is.

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Above all other deities is Aothe Overlord. For centuries the cabal’s power waxed and waned, depending on how vigorously the reigning godkings chose to suppress it, but by the year DR, Pholaubbalt lay abandoned and forgotten, and the necromancers vanished into history. The same year, the module OA5: The hunt was disappointingly small, since the chitines of Yathchol were gone while the nobles of House Teh’Kinrellz were seeking them.

The upper Underdark is close to the. This foot-diameter dome houses a wide, well-lit, grassy patch where the Lady Enactor’s retainers congregate. A secret cabal of Mulhorandi necromancers founded the city as a secret stronghold more than a thousand years ago, before Thay rebelled from the pharaoh’s rule.

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The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Several additional rulebooks were released underdrak the new edition, including Monster Compendium: The duergar themselves are immune to the substances in their food, but the residents take particular glee in feeding Drik Hargunen gourmet specialties to non-duergar and watching them succumb to the toxins. The derro also emerged during this time, bred from captured dwarves and humans by the illithids.

Not everyone who lives here worships Laduguer, but most at least venerate the Gray Protector. The Earthroot fwerun home to most of the drow city of Undrek’Thoz, as well as the duergar realm of Fraaszummdin.

Eye of the Beholder II: The wild frontier of the Material Plane starts here for many such creatures.

The Circle of the Depths is a druidic hierarchy that serves as the city’s governing body. He knows faerunn empty underrdark won’t last long on the offensive, but a few wands and magic rings would be very useful for his schemes. Because they could easily frighten away caravans from profitable trade routes, the mind flayers are selective about which caravans to raid and how often. The lower Underdark is incredibly strange, filled with alien societies and fwerun cultures, hostile to any unlike them, ruled by aboleths, cloakers, derro, and mind flayers.


Subscription required using via Pages containing links to subscription-only content. Treasures of the Savage Frontier. Giant spiders and deadly fungi are common problems below the city, and at least two ropers are known to exist raerun an hour’s walk from the bottom level.

The skums have hit upon several veins of rare metal ores near the lake, including a vein of mithral, which they store in the lake and sell for good prices to traveling merchants thanks to their own on-site assayer, Purulk.

Gravity on the curves and walls of the city is “localized” at roughly foot intervals by magical batteries shaped like statues of famous Imaskari wizards of antiquity. Hordes of the Underdark, Official Strategy Guide. Salvatore’s novels about the fictional character Drizzt Do’Urden. The town hosts very few Material Plane visitors who come to them directly from the surrounding Underdark, and the Speleosa would rather not advertise the existence of Earth’s End to the illithids, drow, or aboleths in the vicinity.

Somewhat incongruously, lawbreakers are also kept here on the soft grass. The dodforers are old and wise, but still younger than the Dodkong himself. Deep Imaskar is ruled by a High Lord or Lady Planner, who controls the city through a body of wizards known as the Planners.

Its artisans and engineers carved great roads and stairs through the peaks and tremendous halls beneath the hills. For example, Joyce Saricks states in The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction that the novels have been among the most requested books by fans of the fantasy genre.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since none of them care about the same things, they were able to live in relative harmony for a while. Many of the greatest wizard-lords of the realm battled to the last, but a powerful lord named Ilphemon chose to abandon the falling empire. About a year ago, Gryxt tried to stock the reservoir with trout to supply the hamlet with a steady food supply. It was this incident that earned that realm the moniker of Hellgate Keep.

Shortly after its fall, three separate groups moved into fasrun space and began reallocating its resources. The Eastern Realms was released ingiving details of the lands of Kara-Tur which had previously appeared in the book Oriental Adventuresand were now officially placed in the Forgotten Realms world.


When the town’s elder brain died nearly a hundred underadrk ago, the members of the elder concord became liches to increase their powers so that they could split the elder brain’s knowledge among them. If such a group didn’t have an easy way home, it might wait out the daylight in a cave, rum, or abandoned warehouse, or under the protection of a local wizard or evil temple.

Over time, the declining birthrate of the dwarves and their emigrations north caused the empire to fall apart. There are several nation states and many independent cities, with loose alliances being formed for defense or conquest.

Forgotten Realms – Wikipedia

Among these are several different races of dwarvesgnomeshalflings and elvesas well as goblinsorcslizardmenogresvarious giantsand even dragons. But the stonefire bombs ignited the calcified webbing that supported the city’s very structure, and one by one the great castles and thoroughfares of Ched Nasad fell burning to the fareun of the chasm. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Deepburrow’s connections to the greater Underdark lie beneath this level, so the halflings have taken steps to prepare the Deepingwander for defense against an attack from below.

More and more of them are volunteering for assignments that require them to slay distant targets, so that they can take long trips outside their mistress’s sight and cultivate their own secrets.

The Underdark

The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible 2nd ed. As Brikklext grows, the bugbears and blues are finding it more expedient to expand downward than outward. Adventurers exploring this portion of the Earthroot stumbled into Pholzubbalt a undredark years ago and beat a hasty retreat.

Vr’tark eventually escaped from his captors and fled into the Underdark, eventually ending up at the Boneyard.

Retrieved 19 March Stalactites and stalagmites stretch toward each other, with a rare column marking a joining. In return for Stommheim’s aid in killing mind flayers, the derro help the trolls expand and defend their territory.

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