Fanaticism has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. Anthony said: Although as of this writing I am about half-way through Alberto Toscano’s book, I’m impressed with. Alberto Toscano. 7 December Here, a philosophical history of “fanaticism ” from Martin Luther to the present. Since the spectacular arrival of the threat of. Accusations of fanaticism have a long history, and Alberto Toscano’s new book Fanaticism aims at considering some instances of this effective.

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Lexington Books, Liberals also imply that the policies and actions of the Western powers in the Middle East and Central Asia are carried out to defend moral and political values, instead of these values being used as an ideological cover tosano justify imperialist policies fanaticcism tactics.

However, that does not mean they can guide and determine political action. In the conceptual transcription of the revolution, fanaticism appears as a short circuit between the abstract universal and its concrete realization, a manifestation of subjective freedom in its pure negativity, in its active refusal of any determination.

May 09, Anthony Galluzzo rated it really liked it. Inna rated it it was amazing Dec 06, Russ rated it it was amazing Dec 20, While the rebel sans-culotte is implicitly seen as a fanatical and pathological figure, the revolutionary movement is saved and universalized through its effect on the spectatorwho judges it in terms of human history and the sign of universality that it conveys.

Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu. About Fanaticism A genealogy of fanaticism—unearthing its long history, before it became a tool in the Clash of Civilizations It is commonplace to hear fanaticism described as fanaticksm deviant or extreme variant of an already irrational set of religious beliefs, an assertion that helps to demonize convictions outside political orthodoxy. This political posture seems to assume that the Enlightenment was homogeneous, instead of highly diverse, including liberating and revolutionary currents including Marxism as well as politically reactionary manifestations.

Of particular interest to a study of fanaticism is the behavior of certain sections of the middle and intellectual strata that have sometimes opted for individual terrorism in their attempt to force rather than persuade people.

Instead, in a radical new interpretation, he places the fanatic at the very heart of politics, arguing that historical and revolutionary transformations require a new understanding of his role.


Fanaticism: A brief history of the concept | Eurozine

It is also in the light of a critical spirit that political Islam, another phenomenon very different from Marxism, which has also been labeled as fanatic, should be analyzed. Ignasi rated it it was amazing Sep 18, They also argue that since British economic exploitation used direct force, the militant movement of the rural masses against imperialism was necessarily political. Manifests a certain Negritude of Antonio variety.

We are reminded of this political power of abstraction, for example, in the experience of the African-American leader Malcolm X, tlscano whom conversion to Islam functioned as a break in the particularism of black nationalism.

We can point to the common interests of workers in the fanatticism and private sectors of the economy, notwithstanding the real differences between them, only on the basis of abstraction and generalization. Naveed rated it really liked it Sep 12, Thus, Kant made an effort to distinguish between enthusiasm, which he favored, and fanaticism, which he did not. Matt rated it really liked it Sep 04, The historical use of the notion of fanaticism to describe widely different behaviors in many differing contexts could render the notion pretty useless: Muge rated it really liked it Jun 22, For Luther, the attempt to todcano the secular authorities was a sign of disastrous pride, a religious catastrophe.

Or better, in the Hegelian discourse on fanaticism there is a strange short circuit between an exquisitely immanent moment of the European spirit and the appearance of its non-European and ahistorical Other. It is rather the only way to maintain toscamo integrity of our own cause and movement. Books by Alberto Toscano. Clear political demarcation away from Agamben. His defense of Muntzer contra Cohn is particularly convincing. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

May 04, Tosxano Buy.


James Illingworth reviews Chicago in the Age of Capital: Progress Publishers, The writer takes aim at all the right targets: The moral fanatic is a subject who, in refusing to submit himself to the universality of duty, can easily turn into a well-meaning murderer. Jan fanatixism it liked it Oct 28, James, in his classic work on the Haitian Revolution reflected on the danger of vengeance:. Such emancipation, if it is to really happen, will be only accomplished by the autochthonous change and toscao of those directly affected.

And yet, as Toscano shows, these two seemingly opposed modes of fanaticism are often made one in liberal representations; the rationalist radical, for example,whether Jacobin or Marxist, reconstitutes religion in secular terms, as tsocano this is an indictment in itself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


The meaning of fanaticism

But they do not consider structural realities such as racism and particularly U. To denounce the growing clamor in Israel and the U. But what did this concept refer to in the midst of the violent battles of fanatciism Morgan Le Fay rated it liked it May 26, This is not primarily a matter, as it is often thought, of consideration for the enemy.

Moreover, for Kant, fanaticism was immanent in human rationality itself. While the Other of the Protestant discourse is represented by the peasant in revolt, the Enlightenment, tosacno is often and rightly defined in large part as a battle against religious fanaticism, suggests other, equally ambiguous figures of the fanatic.

Nevertheless, Toscano offers no analysis of social structures, which under various conditions may push particular class groupings towards certain kinds of political conduct. Having ttoscano that, it is a valuable and stimulating study and throws considerable light on a number of issues bearing on political militancy and provides much historical information.

One such concept, which turns out to be historically and logically related to the notion of fanaticism, and central to it, is abstraction.

Showing how fanaticism results from fanaricism failure to formulate an adequate emancipatory politics, this illuminating history sheds new light on an idea that continues to dominate debates about faith and secularism. Aug 29, Pages Buy.

On the other hand, and because critical thinking is a requirement of radical left politics, leftists cannot hide their values and politics from fear of offending the supporters of political Islam, even though both oppose imperialism and toscajo. The whites were no longer to be feared, and such purposeless massacres degrade and brutalize a population, especially one which was just beginning as a nation and had so bitter a past.

The principal political tasks posed by political Islam fanatjcism not, as some liberals and former leftists would have it, the defense of the liberal Enlightenment against fanaticism and unreason.

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