Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Bullinger describes distinct Scripture figures of speech, defined as a word or sentence in a peculiar form, different from its original or simplest meaning or. Figures of Speech Used In The Bible. E. W. Bullinger. Scripture. Theology. New Testament. Old Testament. How to Read the Bible.

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Anadiplosis repeated in successive sentences see ” Anadiplosis “above. Insertion of a word or sentence, parenthetically, which is necessary to explain the context. Where the omitted word is contained in another word, the one word comprising the two significations Gen.

A short sentence added at the end by way of an additional conclusion. The repetition of two different phrases, one at the beginning, and the other at the end of successive paragraphs. Climax ; or, Gradation 2Peter 1: Of two words, where the meanings are different Ex. The Parable fiures the Unjust Steward. Repetition of a number of resemblances. The repetition of words similar in sound, but different in language.


Bullinger: Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

In the west of present times, people may say “she kicked the bucket” to express that a woman died. I picked one figure of speech per night from his book.

A breaking off the sequence of thought. Her-men’-ei-a ; or, Interpretation John 7: En’-thy-me-ma ; or, Omission of Premiss Matt. Some people teach that Fig. When a description is used instead of the name.

Figures of speech used in the Bible:

Compare to Photography A wide angle lens can be to photography, what a figure of speech is figurws words. A return to previous words or subjects for purposes of definition or explanation. Di’-a-log-is-mos ; or, Dialogue Isaiah When the effect is put for the cause producing it Gen.

When the anticipated objection is both answered and stated Matt. Syn’-ath-roes’-mos ; or, Enumeration 1Tim.


An enumeration of spech parts of a whole which has been just previously mentioned. The repetition of the same word in a different sense, implying more than the first use of it. The teaching of something important by mentioning the time of an occurrence. Simple syntheticor constructive.


A placing together of two words by usage. Met-o’-ny-my ; or, Change of Noun When one name or noun is used instead of another, to which it stands in a certain hullinger.

Again, that is innacurate. Neg-a’-ti-o ; or, Negattion Galatians 2: Po-ly-o-ny’-mi-a ; or, Many Names Gen. Syn-ec’-do-che ; or, Transfer The exchange of one idea for another associated idea.

Where the words are used by man in dissimulation Gen. As’-ter-is’-mos ; or, Indicating Ps. Bat-to-log’-i-a ; or, Vain Repetition 1Kings Affecting the application of words, as to:. A parenthesis which consists of figurws short wish or prayer.

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