Franck Moraux est professeur de finance à l’université de Rennes 1 et directeur délégué à la recherche de l’IGR-IAE de Rennes. Ses activités d’enseignement. Follow. Franck Moraux. Université 58, On cumulative Parisian options. F Moraux. FINANCE-PARIS- 23, , Finance de marché. F Moraux. フォロー. Franck Moraux. Université 58, On cumulative Parisian options. F Moraux. FINANCE-PARIS- 23, , Finance de marché. F Moraux.

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Email address for updates. Investing in finite-life carbon emissions reduction program under risk and idiosyncratic uncertainty J Fouilloux, F Moraux, JL Viviani Energy Policy 82, Recherche en Gestion, Economica, The information content is also found to be important for the Euro Bund Futures next price, while the pure news release effect is key for volatility.

The understanding of the uses, hedging strategies, valuation models and empirical properties of real data related to derivatives or bonds are key to capture the whole picture. SynthexPearson, p.

Recherche en Gestion, EconomicaChap. We find that the gap between expected values and finally announced values matters for modeling returns and volatility. We emphasize the key role of information content which is the unexpected component of news or, for short, the surprise.


Quadratic term structure models: The system can’t perform the operation now.

Finance de marché : FRANCK MORAUX :

I like re- considering seemingly “simple” questions related to real-life problems that are still open and challenging. Title Cited by Year Valuing corporate liabilities when the default threshold is not an absorbing barrier F Moraux. Working paper still in progress or submitted.

The following articles are merged in Scholar. Tracking innovations in these topics is first of all just fun. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Publications in research monographs. Articles Marxh by Co-authors.

How valuable is your VaR? New articles by this author. Returns and volatility behave quite differently however.

morayx New articles related to this author’s research. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. My favorite financial securities are bonds and derivatives options, futures, CDS.

Finance de marché

My playing field is quite diverse, because derivatives are traded on some exchanges and available in many OTC transactions. I am used to explore real financial data at low and ultra- high frequencies.

Common factors in international bond returns revisited: Journal of Computational Finance, Forthcomingfinqnce While returns adjust almost instantaneously, volatility is impacted over several minutes up to 50 min long.

An Independent Component Analysis”, in: Journal of risk management in financial institutions 4 2, This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.


Moreover, the information content of U. Valuing corporate liabilities when the marcj threshold is not an absorbing barrier F Moraux. Business risk targeting and rescheduling of distressed debt F Moraux, P Navatte Finance 28 2, Valuing callable convertible bonds: New citations to this author. The best is frack bonds have some optional features!

Finance De Marché by Franck Moraux | Book | eBay

We collect a long and recent — database made of hand-collected macroeconomic news releases and median forecasts as well as prices sampled at a 1-min frequency.

Sensitivity analysis of credit risk measures in the beta binomial framework F Moraux Journal of fixed income 19 366 Finally we provide preliminary evidences that the timing of news should not be neglected and that one should take care about the negative or positive message conveyed by the information content. The predictive power of the French market volatility index: Springer Finance, Springer Verlag More seriously derivatives are very useful to model, understand, assess, design etc.

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