Last summer, I read all of Guy Gavriel Kay’s historical fantasy novels that had been published up until then (River of Stars was only published. Praise. Praise for The Fionovar Tapestry “Kay has delivered such a magnificent volume that I can’t praise it enough. The Fionavar Tapestry is a work that will. Five men and women find themselves flung into the magical land of Fionavar, First of all Worlds. They have been called the [ ].

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On holiday in Cornwall, the three Drew children discover fioavar ancient map in the attic of the house that they are staying in. Jan 23, Robyn rated skmmer it was amazing Shelves: In this land of gods and myth, each of them is forced to discover what they are and what they are willing to do, as Fionavar stands on the brink of a terrifying war against a dark, vengeful god….

I feel info-dumped, at times, rather than as if I’m just touching on the tip of a giant submerged mass of lore and wonder that even the inhabitants of his world only half-know.

The Summer Tree

To an outsider, all fantasy is similar, and most fantasy books have more or less the same themes. Kay plays and works his magic in Tolkien’s idealistic framework. But after I had read quite deeply into the series, I realized that Kay was trying fiinavar something else. Kay uses it without referring explicitly to prophecies, and the effect is subtler. Right off the bat, I noticed that this was taking an old trick that so much Fantasy and much SF seems almost “Required”, coming from the late seventies and eighties.

Perhaps they will in the sequels, but there is so far no indication that they are thinking that way, which baffles me.

Summer Tree, The: Book One of the Fionavar Tapestry

I’m referring to the need to pull ordinary people from our modern world and putting them dab square in a Fantasy. Also in Fionavar Tapestry. I expect I will be too involved to pause between it and The Darkest Road either. Which is interesting because the premise of the series is predicated on the sumer that the land of Fionavar is the source of every other fantasy world ever created, it is the heart from which all the others are born.


In most hands it would be painfully overwrought. Fionvaar the story settles into Fionavar, and once you accept that, plausible or not, the protagonists have settled into Fionavar, Kay’s enthusiasm for his world shines through on every fipnavar. Retrieved from ” https: One fact I did not like was the way that all three male characters were presented in Fionavar with a stream of beautiful ladies to take off to bed. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat I have been very lucky for now and everything I have had the pleasure of reading by him has brought me much more smmer than disappointment.

Unbelievably, the animal Tabor sees is a winged chestnut unicorn; even more incredibly, three nights later Tabor finds and immediately bonds with her, knowing that she has been created as a gift of the goddess and her name is Imraith-Nimphais. Tne book hits a few of my “oh my goodness this again” spots. That night, Jennifer’s escort of lios alfar is slaughtered by Galadan and his wolves, and Jennifer is taken. Then why didn’t I love this book you ask?

So needless to say, I went into this sort of dreading it and not really expecting to like it. Contemporary Fantasy Epic Fantasy Audiobooks. Probably a good thing too.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. I found myself halfway through and seeing the trre at the end of the tunnel. While several of the elements and influences were familiar, Kay for example like Alan Garner borrows the names of the light and dark elves from Nordic myth, yet Kay gives each a spin, a delicacy and a style all its own, for example while Tolkien and many writers since have featured foul flying creatures as part of the Dark Lord’s army, only Guy Gavriel Kay presents us with a black feathered, putrescent fionavad, razor toothed swan.

Kim Ford is recognised by an ancient seer to be the successor that was prophetically dreamt. If you are new to the writings of Guy Gavriel Kay, know that his writing only gets better, though perhaps more polished is a better descriptor. The one major thing that I do take issue with is his treatment of women in the book, particularly Jennifer’s story.

Views Read Edit View history. This blank spot was The Fionavar Tapestry. Too much time is spent acclimating the reader into either a rich tapestry of mythos and worldbuilding, or a flat and slow slog through old themes done YET AGAIN.


The Summer Tree – Wikipedia

Also a plus for me was prominent female characters with substantial roles to play in the action, although view spoiler [I was disappointed that all he could think of to torment Jennifer was overwhelming sexual assault. This book beat me. Want to Read saving…. This will likely please yhe who are looking for that sort of weighty epic, but to me it just felt heavy.

In order to show this to my boyfriend, I took him to a performance of the Verdi last year at the Kennedy Center. Her hair turned completely white, Kim takes Ysanne’s place as Seer of Brennin. Inspired by Your Browsing History. I took issue that no one questioned how freaking bizarre it was to be taken to a whole different world. Weaving fate fonavar a novel is a clever way to stop readers from questioning the plot, and promoting the suspension of disbelief.

Partly because Guy Gavriel Kay is a writer of such a high caliber that writing about his writing feels more than a little ridiculous.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. It actually seems more appropriate to say that they became avatars of the complex ideals that make up Fionavar. View all 17 comments. This is done unevenly as some members of the Five get more attention than others.

Kevin, Paul, Dave, Kimberly, and Jennifer all have their roles to play in the coming wars and they each have their private struggles with fear and anger and regret before they can realize their destinies.

The 5 main characters are all interesting and well introduced. It begins with a chance meeting that introduces the five to a man who will change their lives: All other worlds spin off Fionavar, which means Fionavar is home to all these myths. The Fionavar Tapestry 1.

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