Buy Flashman and the Redskins: From the Flashman Papers, and 76 New Ed by George MacDonald Fraser (ISBN: ) from. Hilariously funny.”—The New York Times Book Review “Great dirty fun!”—Grand Rapids Press “The. Coward, scoundrel, lover and cheat, but there is no better man to go into the jungle with. Join Flashman in his adventures as he survives fearful ordeals and.

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There his adventures begin, and after many hair-raising and scalping scrapes, he finally wins through and gets home, only to return twenty-five years later, after being ‘persuaded’ by his good lady, where he faces another set of traumatic episodes.

Nov 05, Bernard Dogon rated it it was amazing.

Flashman and the Redskins

If Huck Finn was an upper-class Brit with a sense of entitlement, a hunger for women and a yellow streak, he’d be Harry Flashman. And Flashman certainly deserved the fright that he had endured from of her vengeance, some 27 years later.

And how did Susie plan to move her establishment from New Orleans to Sacramento? Whilst “Flashman and the Redskins” is not about English Victorian history it is still about that amazing era and manages to both amuse and inform us in a wonderfully approachable manner – there are many students of history who would benefit by reading the flsahman.

This one picks up in the form of a direct sequel to Book 3, which brought Flash to the US for the first time, and quickly outdoes its predecessor, then splits itself in half to also tell the story of Flashman’s involvement with Little Big Horn thus giving us by far the oldest incarnation of our titular dickhead that we’ve yet encountered. Rsdskins with This Book.


He was trying to get out of the line of fire and escape yet again with his life if not his redkins intact. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

While their affair continued in Santa Fe, Cleonie also exposed Flashman’s lack of any real love for Susie. In which Flashy for about ten days finds he has a heart after all.

Kingsley Amis was a fan of the Flashman novels and always regarded this book as the best in the series. The way Fraser reveals both of these perspectives is expert, and Flashman’s rants about the meeting of white and native worlds in the Americas are pointed, passionate, and interesting.

Flashman and the Redskins by George MacDonald Fraser | : Books

Other books in the series. In both tales, Flashman finds himself captive of different native American groups. Flashman Papers 1 – 10 of 12 books.

The wagon crossing in ’49 was a great read, and the looks at the various Indian tribes Flash encountered left me thirsty for more knowledge of the tribes as they were before ahd reached their fever-pitch of tragedy in the back end of the 19th century. Sep 07, Nathan Redskin rated it liked it. Flashman and the Redskins. One of his best passages featured his description of Kanzas Landing, Independence, and Westport now Kansas City in Missouri during the spring of I believe that Fraser did an exceptional job in creating her character.

Thanks to that particular reunion, our fearful hero attracted the attention of a businesswoman named Mrs. George MacDonald Fraser died rexskins January at the age of Although well written flaashman with a strong finish, the novel’s second half is not as strong or epic as the first half. Flashman and the Dragon. Lacking in any morals, yet providing a great deal of practicality, Flashman accepted her proposal.


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Flashman and the Redskins by George MacDonald Fraser

Although Part Two seemed to lack the epic scope of Part One, it did feature some memorable passages. I enjoyed this book immensely: Eventually, they reach Santa Fe, New Mexicowhere Flashman absconds with two thousand dollars made from selling one of the prostitutes, Cleonie, to Navajos.

Aug 22, Jason Toluba rated it really liked it Shelves: There’s no heart of gold inside this fascinating antihero. From there, they would have an easy journey from Sutter’s Fort to Sacramento. The West as it really was: We also have the question of “what about all the bastards this guy should have spawned” addressed for the first time, and it makes for a genuinely touching and fascinating extended scene for anyone who’s read all through the series to this point.

It’s fun contrasting the younger and older Flashmans of the two stories – by ’76 ol’ Harry has reached middle age and is hardly short on clout. As always with George MacDonald Fraser’s “Flashman” novels, you will be entertained, whether you like history, comedy, or action.

What can I say if you have read one rollicking glashman or is he more immoral Flashman tale you have read them all. Candy turned out to redskinw none other than Cleonie, the former lover he had sold to the Navaho.

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