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This Publication Number will be included in the next revision of this manual. 4. Change FM , 30 August , as follows: Remove old pages. Insert new . Us Army FM Utility and Cargo Helicopter Operations () FM MULTISERVICE HELICOPTER SLING LOAD. Other manuals in this series are FM (FM )/MCRP E. VOL I/COMDTINST MB and FM /MCRP E, VOL III/NWP.

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Loop the chain end of sling leg 3 through the left rear lift provision located on the outer end of the rear bumper. Secure one net to the forward doorpost of one vehicle and the other net to the hard part of the body covering the fuel tank 10450-5 of the other vehicle.

Position the bell portion of the clevis on the lift provision pin. The hookup team stands in the bed of the vehicle. Fold and secure the canvas over the windshields with Type III nylon cord.

Wrap the rear slings with padding where they contact the shelter sides. Chapters 2 through 13 contain the rigging procedures for certified dual-point loads and Chapter 14 contains the rigging procedures for 1-450-5 dual-point loads. Inspect the fuel tank caps, oil filler caps, and battery caps for proper installation. Remove the canvas top and doors. The containerized kitchen mounted on the containerized kitchen trailer is rigged for dual-point sling load using the following procedures: Close and secure all shelter doors and vents with tape or Type III nylon cord.



Cluster and tie breakaway technique all sling legs together on top of the vehicle and 10-45-05 trailer to prevent entanglement during hookup and lift-off. Connect 2 sling legs to web ring number 1. The aft hookup person stands on the passenger seat and places apex fitting 2 onto the aft cargo hook.

Repeat with sling leg 2 through the lift provision on the right trail. Loop the chain end of the sling legs through their respective lift provisions located on the outer ends of the rear bumper.

FM 4-20.199 MCRP 4-11.3E, VOL III

Do not confuse the front of the load as it is carried with the end designated as the front for rigging purposes. 10-4500-5 of the additional weight of the A cargo bags use the 25,pound capacity sling set when sling loading howitzers with accompanying loads. Position the reach pendant and apex fitting 1 on top of the roof of the vehicle. Route the straps diagonally across the load from the tailgate hinge to the front 10-450-55 shackles.

The hookup teams stand 10-4550-5 the cargo bed and on the hood of the vehicles. The forward hookup person stands on top of the gun carriage and places apex fitting 1 onto the forward cargo hook.

All sling loads are classified under one of the following definitions: If necessary, wrap padding around the chain or rope assembly to prevent damage to the load or sling set. Position the apex fitting on top of the front deck of the trailer. The forward hookup person kneels on top of the vehicle and places apex fitting 1 onto the forward cargo hook. Loop the chain end of the sling legs through their respective lift provisions on the front bumper.


MA3 Trailer FM Two persons can prepare and rig the generator set in 15 minutes. This chapter contains rigging procedures for dual-point trailers with mounted generators that have been certified for sling load.


Secure the plywood by drilling holes and lacing Type III nylon cord through the holes to convenient places on the load. Route the left and right chains through their respective rear load spreader and loop the chain end of the sling legs through their respective lift ring, located on the chassis near the rear axle.

Secure all loose equipment inside the vehicle with tape, Type III nylon cord, or tiedown straps. Inspect fuel tank cap, oil filler cap, and battery caps for proper installation.

Route outer sling legs 1 and 2 to the outboard trails of the left and right howitzers respectively.

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