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Pub/Form Number, ATP SUPERSEDED TC , 11/09/; SUPERSEDED ATP , 06/14/; SUPERSEDED FM , 11/25/ FM Human Intelligence Collector Operations · FM Preparation of the Battlefield/Battlespace (CAC or AKO Login Required); FM Brigade. FM , Airborne and Air Assault Operations, establishes doctrine to This publication supersedes FM (25 November ), TC

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Produce Intelligence Products Debriefers require foreign language reading, listening, and speaking capabilities to prepare for and carry out 2-1.4 of foreign subjects. MI collection assets require battlefield mobility to successfully accomplish their missions. A plan is a design for future operations. Satisfying information requirements through staff element coordination facilitates better ISR planning fmm eliminating the necessity to task an asset to collect information that another unit or asset already observed in the course of operations.

When planning, preparing, conducting and assessing ISR operations, the intelligence officer must consider the following concerns 2-19.44 order to reach the optimal solution for synchronization: Throughout the RFI process units must apprise the submitting organization on the status of their RFI as either accepted for action, passed to another organization for action, returned without action invalid or infeasible f,or closed satisfied.

Consider factors such as available optics and thermal crossover. During extended or large-scale operations involving both conventional forces and SOF, combined control and deconfliction measures take on added significance and the integration and synchronization of conventional and special operations missions are critical.

Point targets in a directed search area are the most common technique. Determine Specified, Implied, and Essential Tasks Peace operation is a broad term that encompasses multiagency and multinational crisis response and limited contingency operations. Redundancy, discussed later in this chapter, is one solution to the sustainability problem.


Army units contend with complex terrain considerations requiring a concerted effort between all ISR assets from coordinated exploitation of joint and national ISR capabilities down to Soldier surveillance and reconnaissance at the company or platoon level.

Intelligence operations begin once an order containing information collection tasks is 15 April FM Chapter 1 received.

Sphygmomanometry-evoked allodynia in chronic pain patients with and without fibromyalgia.

The primary purpose of peace 2-91.4 is to create a safe and secure environment, deter 2-9.4 from overt actions against each other, and provide time for civilian agencies to generate a self-sustaining peace. If JSTARS reports the absence of activity, the intelligence officer might recommend to the operations officer redirecting the UAS to another mission or use it to confirm the absence of activity, depending on the relative priority of requirements and the criticality of the decision point associated with this NAI.

Each relationship has inherent responsibilities associated with it.

Each asset is assigned an earliest time and a latest time information reporting is of value to the information collection plan. Processing during collection remains distinct from the intelligence process steps of analysis and production in that the resulting information is not yet fully subjected to analytical techniques that produce an intelligence product.

Normally a unit operates on two command nets: However, the subordinate unit tasked with establishing a blocking position opposite that enemy force will require more detailed information on the enemy force disposition.

Balance is simply achieving maximum efficiency using an appropriate mix of disciplines, ISR assets and resources to satisfy as many competing intelligence requirements as possible.

Degrade and exhaust forces rather than cause a direct military defeat.

Several command post cells are involved in synchronizing and integrating TUAS missions. Instead, those agencies generally provide enough information initially to focus tactical ISR fmm.


Defensive operations are combat operations conducted to defeat an enemy attack, gain time, economize forces, and develop conditions favorable for offensive or stability operations FM To execute missions effectively across the full spectrum of operations, the commander requires intelligence about the enemy and other conditions of his area of operations AO prior 2-9.4 and during operations. Commanders use intelligence operations as part of their information collection effort to ascertain the threat course of action and timing.

Army Publishing Directorate

Enemy situation 2-1.4 the target area. Communications redundancy reduces the likelihood that losing any one 2-1.94 or command post will severely disrupt support to BCT operations. Traditional or Conventional Threat: Of course it is bigger and more complex now then it was in the beginning. The longer the collection period on the ISR synchronization matrix, the harder it will be to find assets for continuous activity.

The operational environment is different for each campaign or major operation. See paragraphs and This includes the battlefield effects of threat, terrain, weather, and civil considerations.

(ISR) Synchronization – FM 2-01

The DATE model presents a complex training environment that is designed to train operationally adaptable units. When developing the intelligence architecture, the intelligence staff considers all personnel, organizations, systems, and procedures necessary for intelligence operations. In stability operations where non-lethal operations dominate, the commander may organize his information requirements around those lines of operation.

Information is currency during stability operations. The fires cell provides input to the BCT information collection plan to synchronize it with 2-1.94 to designated targets.

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