provide extensive information about FM FM PROJECT MANAGEMENT. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM USAPA. Field Manual (FM) , “Project Management, “is intended for use as a training guide and reference text for engineer personnel responsible for planning. FM is intended for use as a training guide and reference text for engineer personnel responsible for planning, scheduling, and controlling construction.

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Since the effort required to plan and construct the site must be de- ducted from the total construction effort, the site should be the absolute minimum re- quired for efficiency.

For that reason, labor savings and esti- mates of managemsnt advantages of prefabrication cannot be precisely calculated.

Time-motion studies can result in increased efficiency through such specific improve- ments as reducing the swing angle of a crane shovel, eliminating the backing up of dump trucks, coordinating the pusher-dozer with the scraper, coordinating one apprentice with several bricklayers, and rearranging storage areas to reduce average movement distances.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

If the plans are de- tailed and workable, and if the manager has the authority to undertake them and understands what is expected, he will re- quire little of his superior’s time. By the time that happens, the focus of military effort may have changed. CPM updat- ing, reporting, and war-gaming are also much easier by computer. There are places in the build- manafement, however, where it is not quite as evi- dent what length should be ordered.


The major disadvantage of this man- agement tool is that the user must have a detailed knowledge of the particular project and of construction techniques. These may include dust alleviation and such items as protective equipment and lighting for night work.

The BOM is sub- mitted through the appropriate supply chan- nels for procurement. The formula to figure the ES of a node after the lag factor on the forward pass is: Using the configuration with the highest total, try to improve managemennt total by making minor location changes.

You might be interested in…. The flow process projsct provide a means of analyzing each operation and movement of materials to de- termine how, where, and when each opera- tion is performed.

These serve as excellent starting points for a detailed analysis of a specific project. Current Army facilities components system AFCS port designs must be changed to support such an operation. This chapter de- scribes the basic elements of systems that will aid the manager in accomplishing the mission.

How- ever, even though such an estimate con- tains the backup calculations that result in the final figures, rarely can anyone other than the estimator who compiled it deter- mine the factors upon which the figures are based.

Construction of a depot will serve as an illustration.

Project Management (FM 5-412)

Lower chord r s 4. Be dm first to review. Are all tools under proper, con- sistent accountability? Obviously, these activi- ties have been simplified to provide clarity for the example.


Good quantity and quality of food? Delegation of authority equal to the level of responsibility. Flow diagram using one saw. Procurement Conceptual Planning Stage3: This is not an official government website. The larger the job, the greater the op- portunity to take advantage of specializa- tion.


Problems may occur if the project manager is sud- denly replaced. Since the last activities in mmanagement above example, activi- ties 30 and 55 are both at the end of the fourteen-day project, the latest time that both these events can finish is the project duration’s finish, or the end of day four- teen. This means that the manager must visualize the project from start to fin- ish and must estimate time and resource re- quirements for each task.

The final step is to total all resources for each day and list them at the bottom of the prkject. Needless to say, when the site is to be laid out and the production process set up, no plan exists.

Detailed estimates of resources. Prior approval of Headquarters, DA is also required.

Thus, the beginning of day four to the end of day six managemfnt deter- mined from the LF is the available time span in which to complete this activity.

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