Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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The pre-pressed knock-outsin the connection area have to be removed for cable entry underside for 5 x Pg 16,4 x Dmu For each heatedsensor, mA, 8 W.

Manual Prosonic Fmu 860

The LED of the relay lights up when the relay energises. Protective grounding earth terminalA terminal which must be connected to earth ground prior to making any other connection tothe equipment.

The handheld terminal is connected on site either to current output 1 Terminals 4 and 5 or in the control room to the communication resistor see Fig.

Any value may be entered as fmi factors in matrix fields V1H5 and V1H6. The new address becomes valid at a restart of the Prosonic power on.

After determining the length units, this can only be altered when all otherparameters are also changed. Adjustment can be 806 out in the reverse order.

Press the plug of the connecting cable into the jack of the transmitter electronics andscrew the plug in tightly using a small ffmu bladed screwdriver. Application parameter 0 liquids is suitable for the measurement of sludges andviscous products.

Thedifference in water level, h1 -h2, is indicated as a percentage of the measuring range ofchannel 1 of Prosonic FMUand is a percentage of the set measuring range ofchannel 2 V4H2. Electrostatic discharges can lead to faulty operation or damage tothe electronic components.


CIP at 95 C Sterilisation 30 min. Having activated the linearization, the points are sorted and subjected to aplausibility check. Explosion protectionSymbol Meaning Device certified for use in explosion hazardous areaIf the device has this symbol embossed on its name plate it can be installed in an explosionhazardous area.

It is divided into the followingsections: The most important fmh fields for measured values fnu given in Table 3.

Endress+hauser Prosonic FMU Manuals

The level applications canbe selected in matrix position V0H3. The measurandfor the volume is entered in V2H4. Ensure that the power is switched off when the unit is connected up. The counter can not be transmitted. This table can be enteredby hand. With a normally closed contact r the currentpath u-r is closed when the relay isde-energized and open when it is energisedExternal limit switch The setting of the external limit switch acts on all the relays.

The filling noise, which results from the pneumatic filling of the silo, is accounted for bya dynamic signal evaluation. As long as the basic setting has not been concluded, the Prosonic FMU emits a warning. The associated level is registeredautomatically. Note on setting the current output on alarm! A yellow LED is allocated to each relay, which indicates its status: Two important rules for linearization must be observed: Depending on the height at which it is mounted, the limit switch acts as a minimum limitor a maximum limit switch.

Setting is carried out in three steps: In addition,some matrix fields contain information on the system, e. Thetwo-channel version is for differential measurement or collecting data from individualmeasuring points.


If the flow unit selected is to small, the Prosonic automatically revents to the last unit withwhich the measurement was possible. It is reasonable to enter at least three points.

During this time in which the optimum frequency is attained the lastmeasured value is displayed. Setting the operatingmodeNow enter a number in V8H0 for the mode: The sensors are then scanned in sequence.

Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System | eBay

The distanceD is determined from the velocity of sound c and the run time t by the formula: The relayswitches according to the function with its settings and an optional external limit switch see next page. Where possible, a warning 806 does not influence the switching of the external limitswitch.

The number of potential-free units is unlimited, paying due respect to the min. If the entire bar chart is lit and the triangle to the right is also lit, then the currentsignal is larger than 20 mA signal is exceeded. Signal below Signal above Optionally, the bus power can be supplied by this instrument: Modules for the cyclic data telegram For the cyclic data telegram the Prosonic provides the following modules: Units connected to the currentoutput are entirely unaffected by this digital signal.

You can enter amaximum of 32 pairs of values. The difference between auseful signal echo and a noise signal. Fmi cables of different groups must be separated.

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