Of particular note in this regard is P. D. Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching,5 which for many people serves not only. Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Fragments [Boris Mouravieff, Robin Amis] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Boris Mouravieff · Traditional Knowledge · Gnôsis · Esoteric.

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The question of ouspensy and its relation to space, problems associated with the mysteries of life and death along with man’s various conceptions of God remain distant and, as it were, obscured from unaided reason. The figure of Othello is presented as an example in this instance:.

Embracing the fixity of recurrence would seemingly negate any possibility of real change or evolution in the state of an individual man for if one is destined to relive one’s life over in all aspects can anyone hope to escape the hand he or she is dealt? There is now only one book, except for the books of Gurdjieff himself, which can be considered, ouspensmy prejudice, really useful for followers of the teaching.

Fragments – Ouspensky – Teaching? – Osho Online Library

You have to relinquish your current thinking and surrender to his view, then you can see the truth that lies behind the illusions Even today, when the social presentation of sexuality is likely more common than at any time in memory the subject is usually discussed with a certain hesitancy, a certain uncomfortableness or intended humor which obscures clarity.

Instead, its predicate must be psychological material. Now, beginning fragmentts the latter part of the 19th century certain discoveries confounded the usual logical relations which heretofore established the principles of natural law.

Gurdjieff himself still went shopping, as he had done on his previous visits, at the fresh meat and vegetable markets. Much of this probably sounded plausible at the time. Where time comes from or where it may go remains obscured, and in an effort to communicate to ourselves and by way of an attempt to understand the physical “properties” of both space feagments time we ouspenskt forced to offer up vague and indefinite descriptive terms such as “infinity” which, while having a definite mathematical meaning, nevertheless remain tenuous when viewed from the standpoint of a physical property.

In search of the miraculous : fragments of an unknown teaching / P.D. Ouspensky – Details – Trove

Petersburg lectures and talks with commentaries of my own. But the book becomes more and more obtuse and really goes downhill after Ouspensky introduces this strange pretend chemistry that’s way too precise and detailed to not be taken literally.

Gurdjieff launches almost immediately into a bizarre metaphysics: Perhaps the most in depth is a five volume work, Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of G. So, it follows that although our world intuition is grounded in spatio-temporally based physical relations, the noumenal ground upon which the perceptual object of experience ultimately derives its being possesses neither the properties of space nor time.

  DODI 2000.16 PDF

Published September 28th by Mariner Books first published Ouspensky argues that we need first specify all necessary psychological parameters inherent within the human conscious faculty frag,ents to constructing theory.

The transformation of being away from repetition is the aim of a higher type of man. Towards the end of his life and as transcribed in A Record ouspenzky Meetings Ouspensky stated unequivocally that he would not publish Fragments.

Considering Fragments

Many modern psychological critiques have rightly understood the pacifying effects of seemingly foolish and quite simply, if taken literally, absurd religious explanations. The entire figure of the complete life of the man constitutes a four dimensional form. People would begin to bargain with nature, to make conditions, to demand concessions, to ask alleviations; and nature would have to yield. Constructed as an extension or expansion of a geometric point into a solid the point being one boundary of the continuum and its complete expansion, the three dimensional solid in time, the other normal space serves as a paradigm for the science of metageometry.

But external descriptions of these valuable exercises and of the results obtained from them are quite useless. As before, melons were served regardless of the season.

I really wan I couldn’t finish it. The man who will very soon be robbing and murdering on this very spot has not yet realized the fact that he can do it now without fear of punishment.

That is, everyday life allows no conflict between what we perceive and what we expect to perceive. A most interestingly-writ biography of not just Gurdjieff and his teachings, but of Ouspensky himself and the unavoidable intertwining of a master and his pupil.

The style makes you feel as though you, too, are traveling by train through the Caucasus alongside its author. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

And while this in itself would be more than a suitable legacy for most it is nevertheless the case that Ouspensky remains both an original thinker and a creative synthesizer whose writings stand in spite of the knowledge he gained as G.

On the contrary, what he objected to was behaviorism’s denial of the possibility of conscious volition as a primary cause of action. Something, more often than not, simply labeled for convenience sake and then passed over in silence as if a thing now named were somehow completely revealed. More obviously we are impressed by the agreement between the two on the importance of the Superman and the doctrine of eternal return, even though in the latter case Ouspensky criticizes Nietzsche’s explanation of the necessity of return within physical space and in local time.

Gurdjieff frequently complained that Ouspensky had ruined his pupils by his excessively intellectual approach, and that he did better with people who came to him with no preparation at all. Trust me about that. These are cleverly hidden in his mythical narrations. Milic Capek’s short essay in The Encyclopedia of Philosophy remains the most accessible overview of this strange idea. The movement of modern philosophy away from metaphysics, particularly the development of logical analysis, was, for Ouspensky, wrongheaded.


Sex and all emotions belonging to sex become in him inevitably connected with irritation, suspicion, and jealousy; at any moment he may find himself completely in the power of a sense of injury, insulted pride, a frightened sense of ownership; and there are no forms of cruelty and violence of which he is not capable in order to avenge his “outraged honor” or “injured feelings.

One of the most valuable books I’ve ever read, multiple times. Further, recurrence as an established and formal doctrine is not particularly easy to place-at least in any concrete exoteric form.

However, later in the same book, Dr. You were just concerned with the Work. And either way, sex is the key. Next, exists a second but lower category of potential partners whose love is expressed within a more formal and less passionate relationship but which still retains a certain amount of, if not passion, at least compassion.

Jul 18, Sue rated it really liked it. Indeed, explanations that portend not the sensual world are considered fantastic and, today, at least by certain philosophical schools, unworthy of recognition. Beginning with an oral tradition later codified certain of these beliefs evolved making the major religions.

Regarding our present subject Ouspensky tells us that this is not the case.

In many respects the authorized works are really only a starting point and anyone considering a further ouspdnsky of the actual psychological method practiced and taught by Ouspensky would do well to consult Fragments.

All special exercises of this kind have to be taught by word of mouth, and, so far as I know, they have never been committed to writing.

In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching

Gurdjieff, Fragments was never an attempt to represent his own ideas apart from those of Gurdjieff but was, rather, an attempt to bring to a more general audience and within an historical setting an overview of already thought out principles of the then existing Gurdjieff system. And maybe the period between and would somehow be detected as the many above ground atomic explosions conducted by the U.

The whole storyline is rather enthralling, and Ouspensky who had a background in journalism, makes for an interesting read regardless of the theories contained therein.

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