It’s dangerous to premise a definition, let alone a new theoretical approach, by outlining what it is not. And yet author François Laruelle could. The Concept of Non-Photography. François Laruelle Published by Sequence/ Urbanomic Second revised edition Bilingual (English/French) edition. The Concept of Non-Photography has 31 ratings and 4 reviews. Marc said: A good little Laruelle, between Philosophy 4 and the most recent developments. Su .

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Msrobot0 rated it liked it Sep 20, The endless non-hpotography of filter sets across user profiles contributes to their fractal laruuelle, their self-relatedness and consequently their further separation from the world they claim to represent. Conversely, what does non-photography mean for photo shoots like this one with their heightened attention to pre-production and post-production editing?

All is open to discussion. He currently directs an international organisation dedicated to furthering the cause of non-philosophy, the Organisation Non-Philosophique Internationale. Instagram is essentially non-photographic because it is a technological transformation of photography into a pure attentional form based on a complex and interrelated calculative logic derived from computer science.

For him, the externalization of the world into a representational copy is a misguided project that was inaugurated by Western philosophy and later enhanced by both the technical capabilities of laruells photography and those of its interpreters.

This splitting he says, which purports to allow the thinker or photograph taker to be objective, does not exist. The concept of non-photography helps us recognize Instagram not as a machine that generates a multiplicity of photographs through which a complex and eloquent image of the World can arise, but as an apparatus for reducing all pictures, genres and styles of photography, even photographers, into a single generic entity.

Instagram as Non-Photography

Want to Read saving…. We feel touched by an unshakable germ, invaded by a blood-sucker, afflicted by a social cancer, drained of the plump vitality of life and the amazing liberty of choices, and transformed into a cynical, depressed shrivel. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I read three times the first time.

The Concept of Non-Photography

The Alley Adam Caillier. To declare Instagram an instance of non-photography is not to reflect on its revolutionary possibilities or to attribute to it greater emancipatory qualities than those already claimed unjustifiably for standard photography by critics and philosophers.


Photographs are the thousand flat facets of an ungraspable identity that only shines – and sometimes very faintly – through something else. By functioning as an apparatus for the mechanically automated separation of tne world from its visible surface, photography succeeded in extending the logic of standard philosophy through conceiving of thought as a facsimile of the World. Be the first to ask a question about The Concept of Non-Photography.

In this interview, Coburn discusses the research, production process and network of collaborators of a multilayered project ultimately concerned with the futures of humankind. Tough Luck Tyler Reinhard. Galloway, The Interface Effect Cambridge: Francoiis head is still spinning. Open Preview See a Problem? Instagram exists in a multidimensional virtual world which is over and above the already existing experience of the three dimensional space and one-dimensional time of the physical world to which the photographic camera has a materially continuous connection.

The Concept of Non-Photography | The MIT Press

A Conversation about Ergonomic Futures. Let us make it clear. On self-care and the election Eva Saelens. For Laruelle, the autonomous and pure force of vision that coils out of the photographic stance may initially depend on a perception of the World, but soon after and with the help of the science behind photography, it becomes more independently concrete than a mere visualization by non-phootography photographer or the camera.

Barry rated it it was ok Dec 12, Alex rated it really liked it Sep 04, Emily Blakely rated it really liked it Dec 26, Once logged in, a user can perform functions such larjelle uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users, either through email, public message boards, and sometimes via direct chatting.

This presidential election year has lasted for years, and they sit on citizens like a slick film. Galloway compares this difference with the split space that exists between a picture and its edges or between what he calls the diegetic and non-diegetic aspects of an interface. A Guide to not being depressed about US electoral politics this November. Melissa rated it liked it Mar 26, It limits user interaction to a bare minimum, to a series of fragmented, abridged and pantomimic visual transactions.

But one single photo is enough to express the real that all photographers aspire one day to capture, without ever quite succeeding in doing so. Ricardo De Lima rated it liked it Dec 27, Adam Roan rated it really liked it Oct 02, As the heir to Facebook, which itself is a more limited version of its predecessors, namely MySpace and Friendster, Instagram further reduces the promise of boundless communication inherent to the rhetoric of older social media that permeated the BBS 5 and Internet forums prior to the emergence of web 2.

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Taking pictures with Instagram is not a farncois of grabbing a camera and accessing the World directly through an if but a process in which, before taking a picture, users have to reorient their attention away from the world and enter into another dimension with a specific logic of its own.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The synthesis between these two thoughts may finally bring us to recognize the false distinctions between photography and its digital offspring; if all three mechanisms of philosophy, photography, and digitality lead to the symmetrical estrangement of being from its picture, then one can argue that by obsoleting the human hand and eyes as the mitigating instruments of this separation in both arts and sciences, analogue photography was always already digital.

The rising tide of social media photography and in particular Instagram is automatically achieving what otherwise would take volumes of arguments against the dominant theory and practice of photography. Instagram as Non-Photography Mohammad Salemy. Interestingly bilingual, this small volume is perhaps not the best introduction to his work – but “Principles of non-philosophy” is currently being translated – and the adaptation of the monstrously complex “Non-standard philosophy” is still a hord job to be done.

The Concept of Non-Photography

Wythe Marschall rated it liked it Jul 11, Need to re-read it. For Laruelle, photographic stance is not a specific worldly position from which the photographer casts his gaze on the subject but is rather a generic renunciation of the body and its substitution with an auto-grounded and abstract stance. May 10, Niklas rated it liked it Shelves: Laruelle does not propose that photographs embody meaning, knowledge, or a form of visual intelligence, nor does he suggest that they should be believed to contain affectual content.

Instagram is advantaged over other forms of social media photography due to its explicit gaming features, i.

America Is Hard to See: Robin rated it liked it Jul 06,

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