Here’s a tutorial from forum member, this video helps you setup Freestyler and sync your lights to music. FreeStyler program and introduce a new user to Digital Multi-Plex (DMX) programming. That is pretty much the whole Visualizer tutorial. In order to have. FreeStyler DMX is made solely by Rapheal Wellekens from Belgium. It’s a free and versatile DMX software with an army of supporters, It has a.

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FreeStyler DMX [The DMX Wiki]

You should be presented with a screen similar to the one tutoriial. So hopefully you have obtained a copy of the manual and have located the DMX Protocol within it. Channel 13 is not being defined here as it has a multitude of functions. And the more basic light effects can be run either in automode, or through my manual DMX control. So if playing a request without any DMX data added, the lights will not get updated anymore.

The fixture I am going to create is a Showtec Explorer Pro MKII, it is a moving head, I am going to use tktorial 16 channel mode as that is the only mode the manual shows you about.

Well what I have done here is allowed for split colours and 3 rotation speeds for the rainbow effect. Also it allows me to create a pretty much dynamic show, where nothing seems the same day after day You do not have to enter the values for ones you have already.

This is the file that you would upload to the FreeStyler Support Forum for other to download or if you have problem with the fixture that you need help with. Another way is to let Freestyler control a few of the lights and the manual control the rest.

When you do that you might notice the field you just defined jump to the bottom of the list, do not worry about it, it is just doing its auto sort. This is called 16bit movement, the reason for this is each DMX titorial can only have values from 0 — To get the manual and other information on this lighting fixture the please visit Showtec Explorer Pro MKII Info The pdf manual for this fixture has been uploaded to this site can be found here Showtec Explorer Pro MK 11 – Manual The reason I have chosen this fixture is because it has an extensive range of features which hopefully will freextyler the most of what the Fixture Creator can and cannot do.


Not all fixtures tuhorial for split colours as their colour wheels are indexed, what that means is if you select any of the values allowed for that colour it will always show the whole colour. The grey input box to the right of the fixture picture is a comment box. Cue window Basic Playback a Sequence 2. I intend to do a tutorial for each type of profile available when you first start the Fixture Creator.

It’s more about the way you program Freestyler.

FreeStyler DMX

I did start to do a video tutorial but I ended up needing to talk far to much to explain things so was not really practical as the file size was getting huge. You can now close Freesytler Creator and load the finished fixture file into FreeStyler to use.

Each fixture name needs to be unique and you will discover this if you try to save a fixture with the same name. Think that instead of creating fresetyler cues and sequenses for different tracks, you can create some “generic” ones that you modify on the fly with action poi’s or manually by using override buttons also known as statics or some advanced scripting: Macros are single shot values for defined channels, i.

So my wish is to use my vreestyler light controller for certain tracks.

This is fine as that is what its primary use is. The second gobo wheel is on channel 11 has 9 gobos and the gobo rotation channel is 12 as can be seen in the above picture.

The freesyyler that is created here has an extension of pff. When my light show expanded I decided I need more direct control on several functions.

Fixture Creator Tutorial – Moving Head [FreeStyler Wiki]

I would appreciate any comments good or bad, if they are bad then make sure it is constructive so I can make the required changes to improve it. Other macros can be added for other channels and you can even have macros that use more than one channel at a time.


I had to do some complex mapping though since it has only 4 faders and 4 knobs and I needed more If using Freestyler onlyI will have to program the lights completely on all tracks that I am playing.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: I keep switching between it and a F1. Please ensure you spell the Manufacturer correctly as this is used to organise the fixtures into manufacturers within FreeStyler. You freestylre miss any out, all rows must be defined. The first gobo wheel is the static gobo wheel, static in the sense that the gobos do not rotate but obviously the wheel that the gobos are on does, otherwise you would not be able to select the gobos.

You might be wondering why I have entered 9 as the number of gobos on this channel when it has only six physical gobos and a wheel rotation speed.

The same principle applies to the Tilt channel as well. They are most probably some sort of filter which when used with gobo wheel 2 and the colour wheel gives some sort of other effect the same goes for the gobos 1, 2 and 3.

I can send you a Freestyler Backup file if you want that you can load on Visualizer and see how I’m programming my lights to be able to manipulate them dynamically. There’s no “stand alone hardware only” console that can run more freeestyler a bunch of fixtures This tutorial is the first part in a series I am proposing to do on the Fixture Creator in FreeStyler.

Welcome to the FreeStyler Wiki

In the above picture I have entered the channel numbers for the Prism and Prism rotation as well as the Focus channel. User Tools Log In. For a start it is good to tuhorial how to Select your DMX device, Patching Fixtures and Creating your own sequences and knowing how to play them back. I am not claiming this is the best way or the easiest way to create fixtures but it works for the purpose of this tutorial.

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