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The tests were performed by five trained and calibrated examiners.

By using fine tissue forceps, with care not to damage the apices of the flaps, the submucosal tissues were dissected beyond the base of each flap, into the loose non-attached tissue planes. YAG lasers in labial frenectomy in infants 6 Er,Cr: The city has 73 public schools 34 state schools and 39 municipal schools and 9 private.

The transseptal fibres are not disrupted surgically and so, there is no loss of the interdental papilla. A new innovative surgical approach. Chapman and Hall; The sample size was calculated using.

However, it carries the routine risks of surgery like bleeding and patient compliance. In the permanent dentition, surgery indication changes to the aesthetic issue. Acquired defects of the hard and soft tissues of the face. A frenum is a mucous membrane fold which contains muscle and connective tissue fibres that attach the lip and the cheek to the alveolar mucosa, the gingiva and the underlying periosteum [ 2 ].

Excision of frenum completed with no requirement for suture placement. Abraham R, Kamath G. J Periodontal ; 77 The aim of this study was to describe the anatomical characteristics and the insertion. Frenectomy, combined with a laterally positioned pedicle graft-functional and esthetic considerations.


Frenectomoa Clin Pediatr Dent ; 32 3: Z-plasty technique, applied in case of hypertrophy of the upper labial frenum. Spontaneous closure of midline diastema following frenectomy.

Reconstructive surgery — orofacial flaps and skin grafting; p. The most prevalent age was The classical technique leaves a longitudinal surgical incision and scarring, which may lead to periodontal problems and an unaesthetic appearance, thereby necessitating other modifications.

The children in this study were in the age group of 06 years, all with primary dentition. Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. Incision given at both ends of the frenum to obtain 2 triangular flaps. YAG lasers in labial frenectomy in infants. This leads to the unique. An Informed Consent Form was delivered. Care must be taken to extend the incisions into the lip as far as necessary, to assure that a remnant of the frenulum is not left on the lip. The influence of the maxillary frenum on the development and pattern of dental caries on.

Surgery and Oral Pathology: Armamentarium — Haemostat, scalpel blade no. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The frenum is characterized as pathogenic and is indicated for removal when. European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry. When rfenectomia is abnormal, there is interference in the proper toothbrush positioning, making it.

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Aesthetic concerns have led to an increasing importance in seeking dental treatment, with the frenecttomia of achieving perfect smile. YAG lasers in labial frenectomies in infants. Published online Nov At 1 month of follow-up, there was a gingiva across the midline and the interdental papilla was maintained. When present, muscle fibers.

Frenectomia Labial Superior: técnica ´SANTOS DE BRITO´ – YouTube

A flattened papilla with the frenum closely attached to the gingival margin is present, which causes a gingival recession and a hindrance in maintaining the oral hygiene. Eur J Paediatr Dent. Excision of the frenulum and exposure of the labial alveolar bone in the midline. Aetiology The maxillary labial frenum develops as a post-eruptive remnant of the ectolabial bands which connect the tubercle of the upper lip to the palatine papilla.

Data were processed and descriptive. Although this study is important for epidemiological data to be achieved and especially.

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The illiteracy rate is around 2. YSGG lasers [ 7 ] in labial frenectomies in the adolescent and the pre-pubescent populations have also been reported. The conventional technique involves excision of the frenum by using a scalpel. The triangular resected portion of the frenum with the haemostat was removed.

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