FRITHJQF SCHUON UNDERSTANDING ISLAM FRITHJOF SCHUON with a foreword by Annemarie Schimmel WoridWisdom Contents Foreword v Preface viii. Islamic Quarterly has called Understanding Islam a “masterpiece of comparative religion,” and one of the most respected writers on Sufism, the late Professor. a classic, written from the perspective of why Muslims believe in their faith.

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Understanding Islam

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ar-Rahman is the Creator of the world inasmuch as a priori and once and for all He has furnished the elements of well-being of this lower world, while Ar-Rahlm is the Savior of men inasmuch as He confers on them the beatitude of the world beyond, or inasmuch as He gives them here below the seeds of that frithnof world or dispenses its benefits.

In the same way too, the Blessed Virgin is both pure universal Substance Prakritithe matrix of the manifested divine Spirit and of all creatures in respect of their theomorphism, and the primordial substance of man, his original purity, his heart inasmuch as it is the support of the Word which delivers.

In the Shahadah there is metaphysical discernment between the unreal and the Real, and then combative virtue; this formula is J Oth the sword of knowledge and the sword of the soul, while also marking the peace that Truth brings, serenity in God.

Understanding Islam by Frithjof Schuon

Trivia About Understanding Islam. Understanding Islam Frithjof Schuon. To respect the world religions and people’s practices of them, does not mean to build a government which is neutral towards them and plays referee: For Schuon the great revelations are the link between this absolute principle–God–and mankind.

The purity of the Blessed Virgin is not unconnected with the sword of the Archangel guarding the entrance to Paradise. There is in this call no egoism, for pure prayer is the most intimate and most precious form of the gift of self.

The world is a fabric woven of threads of ether; into it we and all other creatures are woven. But in a much more general way, all rationalism — whether direct or indirect — is false from the sole fact that it limits the intelligence to reason or intellection to logic, or in other words cause to effect.

Understanding Islam – Frithjof Schuon – Google Books

These virtues could also be enumerated in the inverse order, that is according to the ascending hierarchy of their values and by reference to the degrees of spiritual realization; strength is the affirmation — if need be combative — of Divine Truth both in the soul and in the world, and here lies the distinction drawn in Islam between the two undegstanding of holy warfare, the greater akbar and the lesser asgharor the inner and the outer; generosity compensates for the aggres- The Prophet sive aspect of strength; it is charity and pardon.


Finally, when the Quran appears to deny the death of Christ, it can be understood to mean that in reality Jesus vanquished death, whereas the Jews believed they had killed the Christ in his very essence; 13 here the truth of the symbol prevails over the truth of the fact in the sense that a spiritual negation takes the form of a material negation.

Just like spiritual exercises, though in a different way, the virtues are fixing agents for what is rfithjof by the spirit. Thus also how he was represented, as is proven by classical art. And God said to him: Your prayer is that your destiny be changed. Let us also note the seeming contradiction between Saint John the Baptist denying that he was Elias and Christ affirming the contrary: Like existence, fire is ambiguous, for it is both light and heat, divinity and hell.

The inhuman side of the doctrine in question is highly significant. The harshness of certain biological laws must never be jnderstanding with that infamy of which man alone is capable by the fact of his perverted theomorphism. He gives us our eternal life, our participation in Unity and thus in what is our true nature. The same can be said of initiatory orders. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. What justifies them is their spiritual symbolism and thus their truth: Like the Bible, the Quran may speak of a multitude of things other than God; for example, it speaks of the devil, of the holy war, of the laws of succession and undertsanding on without being izlam that account unddrstanding sacred, whereas other books may treat of God and of sublime matters without uncerstanding on that account the Divine Word.

I wouldn’t really subscribe to many lines that have been mentioned in the unverstanding

A New Translation with Selected Letters. The image of the Buddha combines in the most expressive way the categories treated of here: In Vedantic terminology, the fundamental enunciation of Christianity is: I already read lots of unserstanding writing between Islam, Christianity and Judaism through the writings of Ali Izzat Bigovic and others but this one gave me insights on the Far East religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism and how they usually linked between Sufism and these more spiritual religions.

This is the type of foundational esoteric understanding and recognition that is critical to defuse existential crises in today’s world. He lives in Qatar. At the end of frihjof book, Schuon illustrates – through Sufi terminology – how the paths of the various traditions in our world all look at the same truth, e.


Likewise regarding the virtues: The remembrance of God is at the same time a forgetting of oneself; conversely, the ego is a kind of crystallization of forgetfulness of God.

According to tradition, all these formulas, when recited a certain number of times, miraculously wipe out sins, be they as innumerable as the drops of water in the sea. The Greeks passed over in silence the element ether, no doubt because they conceived it as being hidden in the air, which too is invisible. In all these instances, the normal limits of human surroundings are gone beyond and in a general sense this is equally true of modern science; it projects one into a void which leaves no choice but that of materialism or undegstanding metaphysical understandiny to which the very principles of that science are opposed.

For Dante, the damned are those who have lost the good of the Intellect Inferno, III, 18 and this can be related to the microcos- mic and human reflection of the Divine Intellect as well as to that Intellect Itself.

To speak of schhuon is to speak of relativity.

Islam 5, 70, David, KingDhikr 19, Christianity, 56, 70,,vs. Festina lente, said the Latin proverb. The perspective which allows the actualization of the awareness of the relativity of conceptual and moral forms has always existed in Islam — witness the passage in the Quran about Moses and Al-Khidr, and also some ahadith which reduce the conditions of salvation to the simplest attitudes. What we really have in mind in this as in previous works is the scientia sacra or philosophia perennis, that universal gnosis which always has existed and always will exist.

The metaphysical cause of creation or of manifes- The Quran describes with the intense eloquence characterizing its last suras the final dissolution of the world; now all this can be transposed to the scale of the microcosm, in which death appears as the end of the world and as a judgement, namely as an absorption of the outward by the inward in the direction of the Center.

In the second case evil comes from man; but then what is God?

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