10, Central Civil Services (Leave Rules), Download ( KB) pdf. 11, Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, – Bringing Out A Revised/Updated Edition. This book contains An up-to-date, comprehensive, self-contained and reliable reference compendium on CCS (Leave) Rules , presented in an. CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES (LEAVE) RULES, CHAPTER IV – Kinds of Leave due and admissible. Earned leave for Government servants serving in .

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About Us Contact Us. Provided that no leave salary shall be recovered under Clause a a or Clause b if the retirement is by reason of ill-health incapacitating the Government servant for further service or in the event of his death: Commissioners Seniority Lists Gr.

Acts & Rules | Department of Personnel & Training

Sanction of study leave Leave salary during study leave Application for leave Swamy’s Compilation of FRS Encashment of Earned Leave along with leave Travel Concession while in service Combination of different kinds of leave Number of days of unutilized earned leave at credit subject to the total of earned leave and half pay leave not exceeding days.

Provided further that no leave salary shall be recovered under Clause a or Clause bif the Government servant is compulsorily retired prematurely under Rule 48 1 b of the Central Civil Services Pension Rules,or is retired under Fundamental Rule 56 j or Fundamental Rule 56 i. Verification of title to leave Departmental leave Chapter VI – Study leave A Government servant may be permitted to encash earned leave up to 10 days at the time of availing of Leave Travel Concession while in service, subject to the conditions that:.


Provided that the total duration of vacation and earned leave taken in conjunction, whether the earned leave is taken in combination with or in continuation of other leave or not, shall not exceed the amount of earned leave due and admissible to the Government at a time under rule Procedure for payment of study allowance Earned leave for persons serving in Vacation Departments.

Number of days of half pay leave at credit subject to the total of earned leave and half pay leave at credit not exceeding days. Regulation of claim to leave 9.

Half pay leave salary admissible on the date retirement plus Dearness Allowance admissible on that date. Provided that where the Government servant continues in service under such foreign employer, the Government servant shall not be eligible for grant of cash payment in lieu of leave under Rule Extent of application 3.

Earned leave for persons serving in vacation Departments Commutation of one kind of leave into another Maximum amount of continuous leave Maximum amount of study leave Persons re-employed after retirement: Cost of fees for study Provided that where earned leave for a period exceeding days, is granted under this sub-rule, the period of such leave spent in India shall not in the aggregate exceed the aforesaid limits.


Provided that in the case of Government servant not in permanent employ or quasi-permanent employ, no half pay leave shall be granted unless the authority competent to grant leave has reasons to believe that the Government servant will return to duty on its expiry except in the case of a Government servant who has been declared completely and permanently incapacitated for further service by a Medical Authority. In case a Government servant dies while in service, the cash equivalent of leave salary for both earned leave and half pay leave, if any, at the credit of the deceased Government servant on the date of his death, not exceeding days shall be paid to his family in the manner specified in rule C and the cash equivalent payable shall be the same as in sub-rule 2 of rule Conditions for grant of study allowance Common law International human rights l An extensive collection of titles on major legal systems of the world.

Number of days EL subject to the maximum 10 days at one time. Leave to a Government servant who is unlikely to be fit to return to duty Cash equivalent of leave salary in case of invalidation from service.

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