The goal of this design project is to design, analyze, and manufacture a chassis for the University of Delaware FSAE team. Through extensive. Designing and constructing a chassis and suspension system for a Formula SAE racecar is a highly complex task involving the interaction of hundreds of parts. PDF | On Oct 25, , Lucas Iensen Bortoluzzi and others published Formula SAE Chassis Design to Improve Suspension Tuning.

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Examples of the easy decisions:. Unfortunately, and understandably, most students don’t appreciate this fact when they start projects like FSAE. There’s nothing easier than over-designing the chassis dwsign making it weigh a tonne, but that’s not my goal, not on a race car at least. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Also, last thing to keep in mind is that the chassis is the lowest priority item. It gives guidelines on minimum tube OD and wall thicknesses for each particular part of the car. Does the front wheel see positive camber from pickup point deflection when turning?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The engine block mass attached to the mounts. Know their capability as far as bending radii, offsets, etc. Btw if it bothers you that I’m asking a lot I can stop: Wow thanks for the in depth answer and how quickly you answered!

We’re hoping to participate in one of the competitions held in the US fingers crossed. Log in or sign up in seconds. They might have recommended design practices, or other very useful tips. Use a lot of jigs when ddesign make things so you make them right, and once the car is done drive the crap out of it As mentioned previously, a lot of the nodes on the chassis are “pre-designed” by placement of the major components. One big radius on top of main hoop top or 2 bends or 3?


Designing an FSAE chassis –

For example I Know that it has to pass the front impact test, my question is that is the value for the impact given or is it just test it until it fails? This thesis examines the critical factors in designing and implementing a Formula SAE chassis from the ground up, with a focus on the performance and optimization of the vehicle as an entire system rather than a collection of individual parts.

We’re designing a Electric race car by the way. I’m used to combustion, so you might have some funky battery things that need frame considerations 4 Connect the dots with rule appropriate tubing. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. That’s why I started this thread. Another thing, do you guys recommend any certain software for chassis design? Most important, make sure it’s legal: The important thing to demonstrate is that you understand the load paths experienced by the car.

Am I in the wrong here?

Its been done more recent years though with the lot of the European schools, but I know at least in the environments I’ve experienced it’s impossible to do You’re right in that a good chassis makes for a good starting point. Grip is a four letter word. Also would recommend a seperate suspension tab jig There will be iterative design around suspension, engine mounts, and driver position.

And the “law of pi” definitely applies when it comes to building a car from scratch. The FSAE advice facebook group is dssign for getting more than one response though, chaseis I know some judges read through it as well You do not need to simulate the front impact load case for a SES frame, but it can be an interesting test Impact is a weird case for fixturing, because in reality the fixture is inertia.


Development blog Features Glossary. Again, I greatly appreciate your posts and help Sam. At that point, freeze the design and move on.

Design and optimization of a Formula SAE racecar chassis and suspension

Most FSAE teams choose the latter but often lack the scientific approach of what to improve. You are not designing to any crash chassiw cases. Just will not be competitive csae easy to drive. Oh, and having a wheel fly off is not only embarrassing, it can also be dangerous.

Ironically, I was probably in the safest position because I was strapped in the car Please contact the moderators. It’s really easy to do and we’ve done it using 2×4’s chassks cardboard, but if you skip this step you seriously risk building an uncomfortable car.

Don’t recall which one it was off the top of my head, but it desing helpful. When it comes to stress analysis I think it’ll be impractical unless you really have access to alot of resources and know-how, to design a ultimate performing car as a target.

Make sure rules compliant, and comfortable. In short, demonstrate that you understand the very basics of how to put things together. But do not underestimate the task of getting the car done. Try to build the CAD model so that changes can be made.

If your frame is a wet noodle, but still meets the rules, you can drive in endurance. I would come up with a couple chassis concepts with regards to how tubes are routed then determine how much each concept flexes for a given loading scenario.

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