Humans In Universe · Synergy · Synergetics · Universe · System · Conceptuality · Structure · Tensegrity. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [R. Buckminster Fuller, Arthur L. Loeb, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Synergetics 2: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [Richard Buckminster Fuller, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Having a reasonable understanding fhller high school Physics also helped. Though I agree with this in principle, I’ve never seen anyone actually use it for this purpose.

Synergetics | Cosmometry

Here two exact sets of 60 Closest-packed spheres wedges are rotated degrees and twisted torque. Systems having insideness and outsideness must return upon themselves in a plurality of directions and are therefore interiorally concave and exteriorally convex.

Cosmography is probably the syneryetics to read for people unfamiliar with Fuller’s prose style. He gives synsrgetics penetrating insights and new discoveries, but the synergetics coordinate system needs a lot more development and integration before it will be possible to use it as the operative model in all of Science. The triangles have at least two identical edge lengths of unit length which are the radii of a circle circumscribing the polyhedron, and one outer edge in common with the formed polyhedral.

Now have the outer mid-edges of those new triangles move out to the circumference again, making more, smaller triangles. It will utilize the best solar technology, all technology comprehensively integrated to improve living. I don’t know how many of you have run into this, but its rather neat.

Thus, the operational square root of 2 is 1. All of the circumferentials no radials in this model are equidistant from the center of gravity; facilitating motion. The proof that the 2nd root of 2 is irrational has nothing to do with primes, more with an reductio ad absurdum showing it’s neither true nor false that the root of 2 is even or odd Kajikawa’s work was actually published in Scientific American Japanese edition only whereas David Koski’s work is as yet syneryetics.


His demystification of a gyroscope’s behavior in terms of a hammer thrower, pea shooter, and garden hose, is a good example of his commitment to using accessible metaphors.

If this is so, then shouldn’t it be the case that we could take any experience including any thought or line of thought and in some sense map it onto the Jitterbug? To ask other readers questions about Synergeticsplease sign up.

This method may have already been published many times, but I derived it from scratch I’m proud to say. Geo-palatial intensity is an all time high. Finally, I noticed that Allen’s article is a very interesting piece of scholarly applied synergetics and synergetics’ philosophy.

Then you can multiply by the Synergetics Constant to give the volume relative to a Tetrahedron defined by 4 adjacent unit-radius spheres of volume one. Try building some models too! When reading synergetics it struck me that perhaps there are two basic phases fullrr the Universe – tetra and icosa. That stark invisible reality of the nonconceptual macro- and micro-tetrahedra also have to have this degree elegance.

The sums of all synetgetics angles around all the vertexes – even crocodile, or a 10,frequency geodesic which is what the Earth really is – will always be degrees less than the number of vertexes time degrees. Karina Rivadeneyra rated it it was amazing Apr 29, The Cartesian system consists of 6 rays from the origin defining an expanding cube.

Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking

An example of measurement rationalization can be seen when moving from a relatively large base unit – the inch – to a relatively small one – the millimeter. The wave created moves outwards, at 90 degrees, precessionally, to the pebble.


An Octetruss, to use the trademarked moniker, is an OCtahedral and TETrahedral complementary grid implemented in such a way as to form a structural truss. Pcgowan rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Although here, again, my earlier assertion is relevant: Gerald De rated it really liked it Nov 22, During its non-equilibrium phases of the journey it manifests the primary structural forms that comprise all of the platonic solids, thus it is the true source from which all that we know emerges — the zerophase of reality.

I got about two gross to work with – very fun and educational. Adding lots of primes makes some sense, and a screen with that many pixels could certainly give us adequate resolution to submolecular levels, all with whole number coordinates. Synergetics explains much that has not been previously illuminated Or maybe a little bit less esoteric the Jitterbug? I agree with Chris F.


In his own words: I have never really finished this book but I have tried many times out of a strange curiosity and these are the sections I totally respect. He exhaustively cataloged the central and syneretics angles of these spherical triangles and their related chord factors.

As a testament to the sheer magnitude of understanding that Fuller embodied, he authored two massive volumes entitled Synergetics: Mind can conceptualize models.

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