View and Download Future light CP MST user manual online. CP MST DMX-controller. CP MST Lighting Equipment pdf manual download. Future light CP MST Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Future light CP MST User Manual. control channel for 16 projectors with up to 16 channels. 16 bit resolution for fine Pan / Tilt movements. Comprehensive projector library. 32 programs with.

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Turn the WAIT potentiometer to music and the music mode becomes active. Software version Version number and date of the controller software 7. Page 50 For a few seconds the program is being loaded, then the controller enters the program edition. Page 48 With the shape generator, located in the controller, you can have 8 different shapes drawn by the mirrors or the head of the units, giving quite a number of parameters.

Es kann auf unterschiedliche Arten eingestellt werden mit welcher Geschwindigkeit die Programmbilder wechseln.

You say the stick will control in manual mode but the lights dont follow the programme in a pre-programmed sequence? This happens to both the MiniMac’s an the ‘s. Die Einstellung dieses Kanals ist fertig.

Here the channels of the units can be taken out cp-265 the running program and their values can be changed with the potentiometers and the jog discs. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

If you bought it second hand, I suppose its always possible that the fixture personalities for the scanners you have are modified, if you dont have the PIN code then you cant get into the personality menu setup 1. The arising condensation water might damage your device.


With your login you accept our Terms and conditions and Data privacy. The 64 records to be run by the controller can be written in this menu item, the existing one can be edited or deleted.

Future light CP-256 MST Manuals

The problem I am having is related to auto mode, futurelignt particular, the pan and tilt axes. Description Of The Device 4.

LED setting Setting of the intensity of the Leeds 4. LAMP function The controller is able to simply switch the glow-lamp of the controlled units on and off — only if the unit has such a function and a special lamp function was set at the installation!

Die Funktion kann auch einer Funktionstaste zugewiesen werden. That is also true for technical developments, that are fast and ever move on. Hier kann eingestellt werden, welche Projektoren am Presetbild teilnehmen sollen. If you have not provided a name so far the controller will use the name according to futurelighht serial number of the channel. When the new and repeated code are identical the controller asks you to save the code. We can offer you to save all data to pendrive or pc after you made a show.

There is a master reset code but I dont have it bought second hand. If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation e. The CP doesnt use a joystick but futyrelight jog wheels. If one wants to control a smoke machine or any dmx equipment separately from the units, he can assign it to a function button here. Page 56 If one wants to control a smoke machine or any dmx equipment separately from fuurelight units, he can assign it to a function button here.


Preparation of a program scene: Page 42 MENU 6: Futureliight horizontal line means that the unit is not part of the sequence, so it has been masked. In futuelight lower line of the display the current intensity value appears in percent.

In der oberen Zeile erscheinen die aktuelle Kanalnummer und die Bezeichnung der aktuellen Parameter.

Pnd & Tilt issue MiniMac and Furturelight CP – Blue Room technical forum

It may well be faulty Events can be copied to free places. Blue Room Technical Forums Limited. The current setup is shown in the lower line. In der unteren Zeile erscheint die aktuelle Einstellung. The lights respond perfectly to the sliders during the programing or manual mode. Die Steuerung kann insgesamt Programmbilder speichern, und ein Programm kann eine maximale Schrittzahl von 99 Schritten haben.

Only the current group is affected. Nothing responds to the joystick.

Problembehebung Steuerung der Nebelmaschine: Ruturelight help much appreciated. The copy process will start, and takes about 8 minutes.

Page 41 When the new and the repeated code are not identical the controller will show a warning and you have to try again. Unit Installation If no modification has been made in the menu item, the controller returns to the setup menu by pressing the ESC button, if any modifications have been made, the controller asks for the confirmation to save the modification.

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