operations citing David Galula’s theory. In his book, Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and. Practice, Galula sets a clear mark for planning future COIN. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice By David Galula Summary written by Brett Reeder, Conflict Research Consortium Citation: Galula, . WARFARE. Theory and Practice. David Galula. Foreword by John A. Nagl. PSI Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era. Praeger Security International. Westport.

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Skip to main content. Counterinsurgency Warfare provides the template for the defeat of today’s insurgents and terrorists. Weakness of the Counterinsurgent. The First Area as a Test Area.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice – David Galula – Google Books

In conventional warfare, strength is assessed according to military or other tangible criteria, such as the number of divisions, the position they hold, the industrial resources, etc. Research associate at Harvard University. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: From Strategy to Tactics. It is a protracted struggle conducted methodically in order to attain intermediary goals with an eventual aim of overthrowing the existing power structure.

There he continued his warm relationship with Jacques Guillermazan officer from an old French military family with whom he had served in France. Rather, action should be taken in select areas, and resources moved as needed. Selection of the Area of Efforts.

The Intractable Conflict Challenge Find out what you can do to help society more constructively handle the intractable conflicts that are making so many problems insoluble.


An officer of the marine infantry in the old colonial army, he was assigned to China and also served with the United Nations as a military observer in Greece and military attache in Hong Kong. Indirect Action Against the Insurgent. The first law is that the population is paramount.

Counterinsurgency Warfare

Counterinsurgency “in the Heat” As soon as an insurgent’s activities become openly illegal and violent, it is considered “hot”. The asymmetric nature of this relationship requires the successful counterinsurgency to capitalize on its tangible advantages and limit the insurgent’s ability to benefit from its intangible advantages.

The “Laws” According to Galula, there are four “laws” of counterinsurgency. Strategy of the Counterinsurgency. Direct Action Against the Insurgent. Views Read Edit View history.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice” | Beyond Intractability

According to Galula, this coordination can be achieved through committees and integrated military-civilian hierarchies but, “more than anything else, a doctrine appears to be the practical answer to the problem of how to channel efforts in a single direction” p Very interesting use of historical examples.

The Phoenix program Douglas Valentine Snippet view – Insurgents also decide when and where the conflict will begin, since they become insurgents through their own contentious halula. Other editions – View all Counterinsurgency Warfare: The counterinsurgent reaches a position of strength when his power is embedded in a political organization issuing from, and firmly supported by, the population.

Many people think it impossible for guerrillas to exist for long in the enemy’s rear. On the other hand, insurgents lack power, but they are much more free to violate both their promises and social norms.


Check out our Quick Start Guide or Video. Such direct action should only be attempted when the insurgent’s cause in not popular, the counterinsurgent has the legal authority to act, and significant publicity of such action can be prevented.

Shortly before retiring he wrote Counterinsurgency Warfare: Check out our Quick Start Guide. Unfortunately, an insurgent’s cause is often impossible for a state to adopt, without relinquishing its power. Gradual Transition from Peace to War. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice”

Colleague Activities Find out about the intractable conflict-related work that others in the peace and conflict field are watfare. Explanations of how the conflict and peacebuilding fields’ fundamental building blocks can help with both intractable and tractable conflicts.

This book provides an analysis of how to countermine insurgency and the elements that might hinder its defeat.

David Galula — was a French military officer and scholar who was influential in developing the theory and practice of counterinsurgency warfare. Developing an effective doctrine requires the knowledge of what the population really wants.

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