The Gartley pattern, one of the most traded harmonic patterns, is a retracement and continuation pattern that occurs when a trend temporarily reverses direct. There are various patterns which fall into the “harmonic” group, but today we will highlight one of the oldest recognized harmonic patterns – the Gartley pattern. “The Gartley is a very powerful, multi-dimensional pattern. It is called a Gartley because it is found in H.M. Gartley’s book, Profits in the Stock Market, .

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Gartley Pattern and Trading the Patterns

Other names for the Gartley pattern: The figure starts with a bearish XA move. We will now go through each component of the Gartley structure: As such, the pattern consists of five points on the chart.

The CD should be a reversal of the BC move. Below you will see a sketch of 22 bearish Gartley setup. This service was one of the first to apply scientific and statistical methods to analyze the stock market gartlfy. If BC is But usually speaking, if you do any trading at all at the end of the trading week, when you would want to keep the trading light… especially if you are up in profit.

Our Gartley trading method objectively pinpoints the proper location of the entry point, stop loss, and exit point. Some of these patterns are reversal signals, others are continuation patterns. And the break out would occur when price bounces off the Fib and breaks a trend line in the anticipated direction.


The price bounce after the creation of point D is sharp and it instantly completes this target. Fourteen periods after price reaches the A target, we see that the final target is reached. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

According to Gartley, he was finally able to solve two of the biggest problems of traders: Russell Daily on October 12, at 4: Download the short printable PDF version summarizing the key points of this lesson….

Trading the Gartley Pattern: Ratios, Rules and Best Practices – Forex Training Group

The image illustrates another Gartley pattern, where we apply our trading strategy. What is your opinion on Gartley Pattern? This pattern can be hard to spot and once you do, it can get confusing when you pop up all those Fibonacci tools. Let us continue with this breakdown and analyze the likely Fibs where letter C can stop when Fibbing AB garyley the answer is simple: These four levels on gatley chart are the four minimum targets of the bullish Gartley.

Hi Selemon, happy to hear that you found the article interesting and useful! Gartley patterns are chart patterns used in technical analysis and are known gaftley their relationship using Fibonacci numbers and ratio s. In order to enter a Gartley trade you should first identify the pattern and then confirm its validity. The focus of this article is on Gartley Patterns and trading the patterns.


Without further 2222, here comes the animal pack…. This is my attempt to make the patterns easier to interpret drivers and excluded.

The CD leg is therefore often equal to the AB leg. Since this is a bullish Gartley setup, the expected price move is to the yartley. The Gartley pattern was first introduced by H. What makes the Gartley such a nice setup when it forms is the reversal points are a Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci extension level.

Regardless of your preferred entry signal, it is always recommended that you use a stop loss order. Since the pattern is a member of the Harmonic family, each swing should conform to specific Fibonacci levels.

As a harmonic patternthe Gartley swings should correspond to specific Fibonacci levels: In this case, we would have been better off had we exited the trade altogether at the last fixed target.

The pattern is valid for both a down and an uptrend. We will place a stop loss order beyond point D on the final Gartley swing.

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