Gaston Naessens. President. I am the biologist researcher engineer who developed a unique optical instrument, the Somatoscope, capable of observing. X or X, also referred to as “trimethylbicyclonitramineoheptane chloride”, is a mixture of X was developed by Gaston Naessens, a native of France and tried there for practicing medicine without a license. Naessens moved to. What Rife accomplished optically in the s with his Universal Microscope, Gaston Naessens accomplished with a combination of optics and electronics in.

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After recovering her health, fifteen years later, she voluntarily came to testify on behalf of Naessens, who, as we shall presently see, had been put under investigation by the French Ordre des Medecins Medical Association. In the design of the instrument that would naessrns a vista onto a new bio-logical world, Naessens was able to enjoin the technical assistance of German artisans in the village of Wetzlar, in Germany, where the well-known Gawton optical company Leitz had been located before the war.

The lower light levels of the higher magnification requires that a lower level of magnification be accepted for field use in order to maintain portability in the smaller units.

A fluidified lymph can once again insure elimination of toxins and trigger appropriate immune responses. I don’t make the claim in a void, because there are a lot of people around who were gravely ill with cancer who can now state they have gotten well due to my treatment. At the young age of twenty-one, frustrated by the limitations of conventional microscopes, Gaston set out to build a superior microscope. This caused Bechamp to champion the idea that the cause for disease lay within the body.

In the spring ofNaessens journeyed to France for his trial. The research of Gaston Naessens has culminated in the discovery of X—an enzyme which helps the immune system to do its job.

Bechamp’s work led him to discover ‘microzymas’ tiny ferments which were characterised by a host of small bodies in his fermenting solutions. As but one example of these results, Naessens cited to me the case of his own brother-in-law, on the executive staff of the famed Paris subway system, the Metropolitan. Progressive doses are administered during the first five days of the first cycle beginning with 0.

Inexpensive yet potent cancer treatments FAQ This article is about many very inexpensive cancer treatments which are very effective. This allows the immune system to go about its normal business in ridding the body of disease. Super-microscopes and suppressed cancer treatments. After five years of working in electronics, Naessens had a stroke of luck, perhaps the most important of his career, when, inthrough a friend, he was introduced to, and came under the protective wing of, an “angel” who saw in Naessens the kind of genius he had for a long time been waiting to back.


Even more significant is that while Bechamp, as we have seen, championed the idea that the cause of disease lay within the body, Pasteur, by denouncing his famous “germ theory,” held that the cause came from without. It remains a strictly personal choice.

Gaston Naessens and Somatid biology

With the collaboration of his son, Joseph, and Alfred Estor, a Mont-pellier physician and surgeon, Bechamp went on to study microzymas located in the bodies of animals and came to the startling conclusion that the tiny forms were far more basic to life than cells, long considered to be the basic building blocks of all living matter. We have already alluded to the fact that the microzymas in traumatized animals did not remain passive, as before, gastob, on the contrary, became highly active and began to destroy the bodies of their hosts, converting themselves to bacteria and other microbes in order to carry out that function.

Just as then, so now, years later, she continues her loyal assistance to get this truth out. Most of the constituting elements of blood plasma flow freely through the capillary walls to form the interstitial fluid. Unfortunately, in most fields of science, a great deal of effort is put forth into listing why something will not work instead of attempting to duplicate the results. It is a sad commentary that in a country that prides itself on freedom, terminally ill patients cannot make an informed decision to participate in experimental treatments that may save their lives.

Sadly, the conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are gatson more than slow death sentences that enrich the cancer industry. Benefit Electoral Medicare Visa Welfare.

Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries –

His mother afforded him all that was needed to gastob his own postwar laboratory at the parental home. The coil’s magnetic field divides the ray into numerous parallel rays that are then passed through a Kerr cell which increases the frequency of the rays before being injected onto the specimen.

The Somatoscope does not attempt to illuminate the specimen by passing light through two small objects. But, I ask you, why is it that he’s been working in secret for so long? Chris Wark’s “Healing Cancer Coaching Program” is a part video series that teaches what he did and countless others have done to heal cancer. Retaining its healthy-looking color, it not only remains as fresh as when inserted into the vessel, but progressively increases in size, that is, it continues to grow, just as if it were part of a living organism.


Gaston Naessens’ 714X / 714-X Cancer Treatment

It may be used in a preventive mode. In a long lost chapter of history in science, a violent controversy took place in France between the illustrious Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp, a noted professor of physics, toxicology, medical chemistry, and biochemistry.

Establishment of a dogma slows down the rate new discoveries can be made. Within approximately one month, the fur of the black rabbit begins to turn a grayish color, half of the hairs of which it is composed having turned white. At magnification levels above 5, diameters, light levels drop off the point that film is necessary, but the resolution is there.

His abrupt departure from the land of his birth was facilitated by a high-ranking member of France’s top police organ, the Surete Nationale, whose wife, Suzanne Montjoint, Naessens had successfully treated.

Such effects are not systematically found in people using X.

When all aspects of the problem seemed to have been solved, Nwessens was able to get the body of his new instrument constructed by Barbier-Bernard et Turenne, technical specialists and military contractors near Paris.

Un-fortunately, in an oversight that has cost nessens dearly over the years, Naessens did not bother to seek an “equivalence” from the new republican government set up by General Charles de Gaulle. This allows the immune system to go about its normal business in ridding the body of disease. Exposure to toxic materials, even in minute amounts, causes significant shifts in colour. Occasionally, nasesens the first treatment cycle, certain observations will confirm that the cellular cleaning process has begun.

Hardly having found his footing on Canadian soil, he received a handwritten letter, dated 3 May, from one of the province’s most distinguished physicists, Antoine Naessehs, who worked in the Division for Industrial Hygiene of the Quebec Ministry of Health. It is this light source, invisible to the naked eye, that strikes the specimen slides. Gaston Naessens “was arrested in Quebec in and charged with four counts of illegal practice of medicine and one count of contributing to the death of a patient.

That article has elicited dozens of telephone nessens both to the magazine’s editors and to Naessens himself. During the French Instruction proceedings inone Rene Guynemer, a Canadian “war hero” of uncertain origin and profession, had accosted Naessens in his Paris home to beg him to come to Canada in order to treat his little three-year-old son, Rene Junior, who was dying of leukemia.

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