The Viscount in Her Bedroom (The Sisters of Willow Pond) [Gayle Callen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She never knew the true. The Viscount in Her Bedroom was my first book by Gayle Callen and, after flipping through the book to get an idea of what it was about, I was. The Viscount in Her Bedroom (An Avon Romantic Treasure) | Gayle Callen | download | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books.

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Letting her breath out, she softly answered, “Yes, my lord? But can a reputation be restored in society’s eyes? There vedroom no huge villain – the main conflict is Simon’s blindness.

The Viscount in Her Bedroom (An Avon Romantic Treasure) | Gayle Callen | download

Louisa however never expected to fall in love with this man, who has stolen her heart from the first. Simon gives in to very little self-pity or resentment, yet he is determined not to marry.

Other books in the series. Callen creates strong and unique characters with both Louisa and Simon. I liked the way Simon’s family This is one of my beloved keepers. Did she not feel the same? When all hope seems lost Too much “tell” all at once. Louisa walks around smiling; Simon rows boats in his lake and thinks about Louisa the perfume angel. You see inside me where others only see what they want to see. Lousia Shelby has no need to be working as a compaion but Poor Simon Wade was a man who had all the attention, friends, and good fortune until he’s thrown from his horse and looses his eye sight.


What do you expect?

Dickens’s novel held no allure. They talk and share and unburden themselves but it slowly progresses to more and the h, sweetly and unrestrainedly, lets him kiss her and more. Feb 20, Maddux rated it really liked it Shelves: He was witty and impertinent, not afraid to tell vkscount employer what he thinks.

Unfortunately in this book there was too much focus on secrets, lack of trust, misguided assumptions, hiding true feelings and lack of bedrkom to be open and honest. Deciding to take a position as a companion Louisa finds herself being set into Simon’s path. Visit her website at http: I liked this guy on sight.

But it was strangely thrilling to be sharing the darkness with Lord Wade. But Louisa – who had been a ladies’ companion to earn money – doesn’t feel useful just going to live with her sister. The Viscount In Her Bedroom is a story that involves two people that have both suffered, but in very different way, but they share a passion and as the story develops we see a enchanting love blossom.


As was a red headed heroine who didn’t have a fiery temper. I liked Simon because of the way he tried to deal with his blindness. How can you be a spoiler when writing about a “romance” book?

The Viscount in Her Bedroom (An Avon Romantic Treasure)

Ik heb de Nederlandstalige uitgave gelezen: When he brought the candle back out to her, she took it from him, said good-night, and hurried away. I hadn’t read a historical in over a year and I was looking for something amazing. Simon is a charming, attractive, gentleman who had an accident on his horse and is now blind.

Then she backed up so suddenly that he could hear her hit the wall. With sensitivity and compassion, Callen crafts a beautiful story with memorable characters.

Plus, that entire stuff about how Louisa couldn’t possibly desire a blind man was just bull. That business about “Louisa’s galye reputation’ was total nonsense and the more he brought it on, the more pissed I got.

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