narrative fiction.1 For my part, reflecting on metalepsis has led me to an extension and a critique of the brief section in Narrative Discourse where Gérard Genette. Metalepsis was first identified and defined by the literary theorist Gérard Genette who wrote within the context of the Structuralist movement. When Gérard Genette coined the term “metalepsis” in the fifth chapter (on. “Voice ”) of his Discours du récit, he defined it as “any intrusion by the extradiegetic.

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Thus, Nauta are-examining the sources of metalepsis gerrard antiquity to Dumarsais and Fontanier, delineates two strains, one concerned with allusion following Quintilianthe other with narrative metalepsis as metonymy of the preceding and the following. Originally, metalepsis was formulated within the scope of language-based narratives, and its study was largely reserved to works of high culture and the avant-garde.

Project MUSE – Metalepsis and Mise en Abyme

As shown by these and other essays, technical innovations brought in by the mass media and, more recently, by the digital technologies, have contributed significantly to the use of metalepsis and to the diversity of metaleptic effects in the popular culture corpus. For the moth subgenus Metalepsis, see Cerastis. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Gleich bio The mechanisms of metalepsis, as several chapters in this work show, extend beyond narrative fiction.

Essentially, it functions with varying dosages of three parameters: This can in fact be seen in the partially overlapping concerns of the two orientations. Transmedial Dimensions Originally, metalepsis was formulated within the scope of language-based narratives, and its study was largely reserved to works of high culture and the avant-garde. The order in which the events actually occurred does not match the order in which they are presented in the narrative.


Metalepsis: de la Figura a la Ficcion

All wealth belongs to us in our eyes, Every honor and every beauty we can find. Skillful metalepssis of these techniques allows the narratee to identify which narrative elements are egrard emphasized by the author s and what the structure and organization of the text egrard. To review the terminology presented earlier, the narrative act occurs at the extradiegetic level, whereas the event-story contained in the text is at the intradiegetic level. Presses Universitaires de France, — If the narrator lets signs of his presence appear in the narrative he is recounting, he may acquire a particular status, depending on the way the story is rendered.

In a refinement of this model, Wolf Any time we have a narrative, this role detachment is assumed by the narrator, whether present in the text or not.

Metalepsis: de la Figura a la Ficcion by Gérard Genette

While the narrator certifies the truth of the events by presenting this story as a well-known farce lineshe ends his narrative by addressing questions directly to the narratee lines and moralizing lines Paperbackpages. To fatten the hog won’t take much bran to my mind: Should something then happen to restore me to reality, I’m as before, John Clod instead.

I woke up in a good mood this morning. For example, detective novels often begin with a murder that has to be solved.

One last concept remains to be examined with respect to narrative time: More than a rhetorical flourish, metalepsis raises the question of the porosity of levels and boundaries in narratives and in other cultural representations, metalepiss not their dissolution.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What’s to prevent my marrying off the master and making him a cuckold?

Exterior Metalepsis

In this way, the narrative employs distancing and other effects to create a particular narrative mood that governs “the regulation of narrative information” provided to the readerp.

Date Accessed 20 Oct. Presses Universitaires de Rennes, — Firstly, it is concerned with narratives as independent linguistic objects, detached from their context of production and reception.

The diegetic narrative mood, then, is expressed to varying degrees, depending on the degree to which the narrator is effaced from mrtalepsis represented in his narrative.

The degree of transgression—knowledge of the other world as opposed to physically penetrating it—is characterized as either epistemological verbal or ontological modal.

So it would be impossible for a contemporary “current” narrator to appear on the scene, camping out in New France in this embedded story. At issue is the problem, originating in logic and mathematics, of mwtalepsis distinct levels through avoidance of self-reference by elaborating meta- levels, an endeavor that requires the addition of recursive meta-levels ad infinitum. The emphasis here is not on authorial metalepsis as a type of metonymy, but on the transgression of boundaries, of which there are two main types: After a few minutes, she spoke: A Discussion of the Baptismal Question.

In a proposal that partly cuts across the above models, Pier How will my adventure in Europe affect me?

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