Glasshouse [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ONE NIGHTMARISH PANOPTICON.” – The New York Times When Robin . This Glasshouse isn’t just glass. It’s a prism that Charles Stross uses to split his storytelling into all of its component narrative colors — suspense, action, satire. Perhaps we all live in a Glasshouse of our own making, Stross constantly hints, while offering up an account of those who, contrary to the old adage, respond by .

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For Monod, while he was active with human rights issues, in “Chance and Necessity” we find quite a few snipe remarks about “natural” rights of stdoss. It was the first book I’ve read where “Mono or poly? There was a plot twist later that totally caught me off guard, even. The Glasshouse is presented to him as a refuge, but in reality it’s a snare and a trap: I also think adding multiple viewpoints would ruin the story. Among other things, it’s fascinating to see the Eight Worlds connection.

No other single exploit of the Great War cast so long a shadow upon the world Historians will pick out a signal — even if it isn’t there.

The first draft of “Glasshouse” poured out in 21 days flat, ran to 91, words, and was terrible. The reason I picked s Americana as a theme for “Glasshouse” was not only because it was a rather oppressive period ‘Rather oppressive’ That seems grossly inaccurate. Barbaric, any way you look at it. Glasshouse gives in a little to convention near the end, as the story inevitably progresses toward a rebellion plot, but even here, Stross keeps the sweet little surprises coming.

It’s great that Miriam is informed and highly capable, but it stretches belief that someone would be able to adapt to such a radical change so quickly and without making any major mistakes.

I posted Speed Racer, but you can substitute something else, like Transformers, if you think it fits better. Loved “Glasshouse”, “Neptune’s Brood” preordered in hardcover. Books of the Week. And why does a narrative unfolding in a world where group sex and group marriages are commonplace work so hard if covertly to assert the primacy of the heterosexual pair-bond? I would love to explore that world further.


In the long run, what we end with is likely to be something like a sanitized version of our social instincts. Pity my hardcover is packed up for the move. And indeed, if you take a close look at the projects that are getting so much attention these days among the so-called “creative class” the same people who mostly make up CCLaP’s readership too, by the wayyou’ll see that now more than ever, mainstream and even academic literature is being influenced in subtle ways more and more by such fantastical genres as SF and weird-lit.

Doesn’t that actually make matters worse from the USian “conservative” PoV though? Ah well, at least I have The Golden Globe. Given the financial constraints and how awesome your 5 year road map is right now, I really cannot complain if you don’t. If they support them, so what? The White Hotel Tolkien, J. No choosing your body. Curiously, although Robin is a historian, he never evinces any concern with the inaccuracies of the “simulation” [mixing, for instance, “Fair Trade beans” p.

He admits straight off that he’s funded all of this research out of his own pocket. However, this is not a derivative novel, the sum of the different influences make for a very original book which is mind blowing, thought provoking and even poignant at times.

These symptoms usually begin many years after the initial exposure to asbestos. But they’re still not what I’d consider to be good.

Crib Sheet: Glasshouse – Charlie’s Diary

I doubt it’s a significant effect. Another Labour politician accused of being a communist agent by the lunatics in MI5 during the s — in a process which led up to an attempted coup. A cause for concern, that. No trivia or quizzes yet. Or maybe this is a spy vs. But there are an infinite number of possible permutations, and I think that Kage Baker’s theory about the future of art and culture above is highly questionable; retro referentiality is one thing, but nobody wants to be seen as derivative or unoriginal, and unironic retro strross nothing if not derivative.


But also a story about our own cultures and norms. Perhaps the hormones had a psychological effect. Which is a shame, because I love his ideas and I ought to love his novels. Being intellectually bankrupt doesn’t make his victim less dead. The polity in which the bulk of the story takes place was formerly a high-security facility for war criminals. What I find unconvincing is the idea that the 50’s xtross leave a greater impact on the future because it predates the proliferation of cheap recording media.


They become sexually involved. I presume you would not want a republic to look like that of the most serene R glasxhouse Venice, for instance? Both music and figurative art have had creators who have created stuff that was considered absolutely awful at the time, but that I, a generation or glasshousr later, love. Access to the media was pretty tightly controlled in the s by cost and technical difficulty if for no other reason and controlled by a fairly limited number of gatekeepers again as much for economic reasons as any other and as a result what made it into the cultural mainstream was heavily curated and pretty much portrayed a single albeit largely artificial narrative, and that’s where the twisted “I love Lucy on acid” vision of a ’50s or early ’60s USA in Glasshouse has its origins as far as I can see As Sherryl Vint notes”Simply creating a world in which the gender or sexual orientation of a body can easily be changed is not sufficient to dismantle the authority of gender as a category of social discrimination.

But being as how the most common complaint glasshousw to be how hard the book was strods follow this might not be the best direction to go in.

I dunno, it was a worthy project, but. But the two strsos — even though they feel in language, tone and subject diametrically opposed — do complement each other well.

Earlier and they’d be butting up against WWII, which would be an unnecessary distraction, and if they started much later the participants wouldn’t have time to accustom themselves to thinking of the world as “normal,” and so wouldn’t react naturally when stuff like VCRs showed up. Stross I was totally amazed at the level of fluidity this concept allows. And then the excitement fades as I continue reading.

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