Cisco SFPs can meet Cisco users’ different needs, GLC-SX-MMd, the BASE -SX SFP, can support up to 1km over laser-optimized 50 μm multimode fiber. Cisco GLC-SX-MM Datasheet. For Informational Purposes Only. Data Compiled by Silink Technology. Cisco GLC-SX-MM SFP, Duplex, 1Gbps, m, dB. Cisco GLC-SX-MMD Features. • Up to Gb/s data links. • Hot-pluggable SFP Footprint. • Compliant with specifications for IEEEZ Base-SX.

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Of course you can. The coupon glcc-sx-mmd help you save cost. Performance figures, data and any illustrative material provided in this datasheet catasheet typical and must be specifically confirmed in writing by Compatible SFP before they become applicable to any particular order or contract. If you want a lower price, you can join our promotion online to win coupon.

Pin engagement sequence during hot plugging. Gigabit Ethernet Data Transfer Rate: Hong Kong Air Parcel. Contact us now via Live Chat or sales router-switch.

Digital Optical Monitoring DOM is an industry wide standard, intended to define a digital interface to access real-time operating parameters such as:. In accordance with the Compatible SFP policy of continuous improvement specifications may change without notice. Note that all Sfp Port s have LC-type connectors, and the minimum cable distance for all SFPs listed multimode and single-mode fiber is 6.


Features Data-rate of 1.


It looks like you need a larger quantity, but as we receive new stock daily, please call today to reserve your order. If the problem still can’t correct by remote support methods i. The transceiver connects the electrical circuitry of the module with the optical or copper network. It is an useful function and now is very popular with users. dahasheet

GLC-SX-MMD Datasheet & Price – Cisco BASE-SX SFP

Digital Optical Monitoring DOM is an industry wide standard, intended to define a digital interface to access real-time operating parameters such as: Previous got lots of promotion e-mails from Router-switch. Mod-Def 0 is grounded by the module to indicate that the module is present Mod-Def 1 is the clock line of two wire serial interface for serial ID Mod-Def 2 is the data line of two wire serial interface for serial ID 4 LOS is an open collector output, which should be pulled up with a 4.

Mcafee Secure, VeriSign Secured. Router-switch will recommend trustworthy local freight forwarders to you.

Cisco GLC-SX-MMD | GLC-SX-MMD | Cisco | Compatible SFP

There are two delivery options available for by air and by sea: Delivery Cargo will be delivered within 1 day after payment arrived. These are the differential transmitter inputs. X 2 Connector Type: Logic 0 indicates normal operation; Logic 1 indicates a laser fault of some kind. You can contact our customer service team to exchange or return any product that you bought from us. Very good service from start to finish. All products carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and component failure for the duration of the original end users ownership.


All Cisco GLC-SX-MMD’s information (List price,Specs, Datasheet PDF, Compatibility matrix)

Fiber optic solutions X. Further details are available by emailing info compatiblesfp.

Why Buy From Us? The transceivers provide datasheey ID memory contents and diagnostic information about the present operating conditions by the 2-wire serial interface SCL, SDA. Which means you can configure your device to monitor Optical Transceiver s in the system, either globally gkc-sx-mmd by specified ports. A very reliable supplier. Order acknowledged with confirmation and delivered satisfactorily. Quality Guarantee All products are manufactured and tested in ISO and international laboratories to guarantee full compliance with European quality standards.

None Slot Required Total Qty: Low 0 to 0. Here, letter D in the model means the DOM functionality.

When this feature is enabled, the system will monitor the temperature and signal power levels for the optical transceivers in the specified ports. Original new sealed Cisco product: The digital diagnostic memory map specific data field defines as following.

Logic 1 indicates loss of signal; Logic 0 indicates normal operation. Lifetime Warranty Confidence in your purchase is guaranteed with our lifetime warranty promise, which fully protects the original end-user ownership.

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