Online Go/Baduk/Weiqi game records database with fuseki and joseki trees. Consist from games played on Kiseido Go Server (KGS). Welcome to the Fuseki Dictionary. The dictionary will enable you to perform fuseki (opening) searches in thousands of online professional Go. These even game studies of the fuseki are primarily concerned with the full board strategy as opposed to joseki. However, since fuseki is.

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Diagram 2 In this case where the black outpost is atB would be white’s next play in this region; but if the black stone were at C then 9 would be white’s last play in this area for the time being. White here had an alternative in W. Should black omit this play, he would still be vulnerable to a white attack at W.

An unwise move in classical thinking, it was considered an insult to someone of the Honinbo’s stature. This article is about Go formations. This play has the advantage of inviting white to play at B, after which black would advance to 5. Hence a game of Go may easily explore an og path. There are two other common plays for black, one being D, the other E.

British Go Journal No. Until aboutprofessional players made use only of a relatively small proportion of the currently established patterns in the opening. As played on a large board e. Fuseki did not see significant improvement until the influence-oriented style of play evolved in the 20th century. Some players occupy the side very quickly in order to build up a good framework, while some place their stones around the center. Higher points are discouraged.

This stone could have been played in the south east corner instead. These even game studies of the fuseki are primarily concerned with the full board strategy as opposed to joseki. Higher points likeor are encouraged.


The concept of influence-oriented play fkseki birth to many revolutionary fuseki such as the two-star fuseki nirensei fusekithree-star fuseki sanrensei fuseki and so on.

The reason for this is that one’s play should not be narrowly focused on attempting to secure points quickly by occupying the corners first. The slanting formation, 2 fudeki 6, is called “taisha” or formation of a hundred variations being one from which countless varieties of opening corner play may develop. The Chinese fusekiwhich was popularized by Chinese players in the s, has a thoroughly-researched theory. Since aroundthere has been a succession of fashionable openings, largely a product of Korean professionals, which have been studied and played in a fsueki chess-like manner that is, with successive refinements hammered out in high-profile games.

Black still having sente, completes his bottling up operation and increases his territory. You might wish fuaeki open a second window beside the first one to view Fig 1 whilst reading the text in the first window.

Study 1 The game-file in SGF format. These plays are indispensible after white 8.

Fuseki pages

Ideally the student should have a thorough knowledge of even game joseki; and the author of these studies fully expected each student to have already perused his three volumes of even game joseki, and to refer to them from time to time to understand more fully the underlying motives of many of the plays.

Black therefore finds it advisable to play 23 next. It also enables you to investigate sub-patterns which occur in the full-board positions. This outpost might also have been at Q or R. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The second part deals with the modern hoshi style openings, like ni-ren sei two hoshi stones in a row and san-ren sei three hoshi stones in a rowboth fuseki types intensively investigated and practised by the famous and popular Japanese professional Takemiya Masakithe diagonal hoshi fuseki and the Chinese opening.


With any of these three points, it is advisable for white to break into his opponent’s position by fusski at the point, In order to avoid the developments in Dia 2 above, black guards the north west side with sente and gains much territory. Black, by threatening to cut at 30 twice, continues bottling up white.

White seizes the valuable point which would otherwise have been taken by black. The dictionary is divided in two parts. It is the most common answer to this formation. See also BGJ 2 page 18 move 9. The combination of the two might help you deepening your knowledge and understanding of the opening stages in the game of Go.

Fuseki at Sensei’s Library

Go Seigen lost the controversial 4-month game which is believed to be due to help from one of the Honinbo’s studentsbut proved his ability against high-ranking opponents, even when employing such an unusual strategy. The last plays form a joseki that is not played much these days. The key is to build a good framework in order to control the center of the board.

Many similar patterns have been tried and played in modern games. This is a common play to sever the connection between 2 and 6. fuseik

By this play, black now seeks compensation in taking territory along the east side. Against black’s strong bamboo loint, 6 is practically helpless; whereas 5, although pitted against white’s entrenchment in the corner still enjoys the advantage of possible extensions towards the north west.

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