Godspell. by Stephen Schwartz, John-Michael Tebelak. Full Length Musical, Drama / 5m, Music Material Rental Packages 3 band parts: bass, guitar, drums. See also the full Godspell page for sheet music, CDs, etc. rehearsals at varying tempos and parts, separate parts for rehearsal in Karaoke style, and more. Stephen Schwartz (who is obviously Jewish) from writing the music to the .. about Lamar, but this role, like all of the roles in GODSPELL, is non-ethnic specific.

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Robin is the first in the tribe to express her belief, and that makes her a kind of unnamed Peter in the group.

Yes, Godspell is on DVD as a movie but the movie has a whole different feel than the stage production. If you see any rule violations, please feel free to press the report button.

godspelo Then in measurethe left hand should have an F, not a C. The Bass book and the chord symbols in the piano score have it correct, I think. Promote your show with the officially licensed pparts. Submission Godspell Schwartz – Band Parts – mega. Jesus breaks the bread, shares the wine, and tells his followers that they will dine together in the Kingdom of Heaven. That thing went on forever.

The feast of fools: For our production, we landed on a tempo which was basically as-fast-as-I-could play-it, which was easy to remember when I got it into my head. In a female head voice, the song has a touching vulnerability.

All for the Best. Again, the director is critical in forcing the song to do dramatic work, instead of functioning merely as godepell vaudeville number. A wah pedal helps in the guitar, and you should tell your players that if they hear something better in their heads they ought to try it out. The pianist leaves it out.


Godspell (original version): A Rough Guide for the M.D. | Music Directing the School Musical

Music Directing the School Musical Tales from the pit. Because of its small technical demands and minimal cast size, it godspll become a staple of theatre companies, large and small.

For the Son of Man will come at a time when you least expect it. We don’t have bznd whole lot of room to work with, the stage is only 16′ by 16′ and don’t want to spend a fortune on something.

They don’t work, they don’t spin, and yet I tell you, Solomon in all his splendor was not attired like one of these. The show was then re-scored for an off-Broadway production, which became a long-running success.

The original Lamar has a unique voice which your actor should probably not try to emulate. The last 2 measures, F and D are a return to the opening piano phrase. Godspell My group is doing Godspell in October. The ending should get you your first laugh of the night. Consider getting rid of those last two notes and interrupting measure with the shofar.

Get ready for “All for the Best” soft-shoe dance. Stephen Nathan, who played Jesus in the original New York production of Godspell at Cherry Lane, had been a fan of magic for many years.

Because gofspell had a female Jesus and a Sonia with a higher belt, I changed the key for both singers, which required a slightly different modulation. In measurethe Chord is supposed to be Cmaj7, obviously. Alper as musical director and Doug Besterman as assistant musical director, and with new musical arrangements by Steven M. In the parst Schwartz supervised, the eighth note in beat 3 is played as an Eb and a Bb, I think, not a Godepell. So you want to see gosdpell LIVE. According to the frequently asked questions post on Musicals.

As a Music Director, be careful to pace your tempos so the last iteration is the fastest you and your cast can do with clarity.


Log in or sign up in seconds. The last measure is awkward and ineffective on the piano.

Godspell 2012

In his first parableJesus explains that he has come “not to abolish the law and the prophets, but to complete”. The servant asks his master for pity in repaying the debt, and the master absolves it.

Visit the MTI website for a detailed description and ordering information for your Godspell production. In one of the lighter moments in the second act, Jesus tells how he will separate men as a shepherd separates his flock into sheep and goats. Peggy and Jeffrey sing Light Of The World, but in a pinch you could split that song up among the rest of the cast.

I want to pick up and develop a theme Joseph Swain points out in the clever way Schwartz has dealt with modality here. People failing to follow the rules may be placed on immediate probation, all posts will need approval until further notice, extreme breaking of the rules may result in an immediate ban without notice.

The libretto is available on hire. He dropped Mylett’s song, then added his score of 13 songs for Cherry Lane.

Godspell (Schwartz) – Band Parts – : MusicalTheatreScores

When Stephen Schwartz was brought on to the project, the opening was a long scene with dialogue pulled from the work of famous philosophers. No requests or submissions of things easily purchased.

Theatre Maximus link opens a new browser window. Logo and description used with permission. Alternately, you can give the melody to the tribe to sing together.

I would like to do a church reduction of the original Godspell.

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