The GOM TRITOP system measures coordinates of 3D objects quickly and accurately by taking photographs, and is used within Photogrammetry. Our ARAMIS platform implements 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) provides full field strain and displacements measurements. Contact us today to learn more. Find out all of the information about the GOM product: portable coordinate measuring machine / optical TRITOP. Contact a supplier or the parent company .

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We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website. This concept from GOM supports all phases of evaluation without scripting, previous planning or user intervention. This enables us to improve your future experience on our website.

Parametric inspection is a tried rtitop proven software concept in which each individual element retains its path of creation. The TRITOP software supports work in quality control and component testing in the field of modern development and manufacturing processes.

RPS Gage alignment Best-fit TRITOP is an optical, mobile, measurement system, which accurately defines the 3D coordinates of object points at quasi-static conditions. As with tactile coordinate measuring machines TRITOP records the coordinates and their orientation in space for any feature of interest: A one-button solution updates all dependent elements automatically after changes have been made.

Precise Industrial 3D Metrology. They define and analyze motions and deformations on the basis of a component concept. After the 3D coordinates have been determined, the measurement mathematically is transformed into the coordinate system of the component: Dual-coded points are detected automatically.

Shifting the reference points makes it possible to determine the movements and deformation of all components in a particular object. Adjustable report templates are used to tailor measurement reports precisely to individual measuring tasks. Features such as reference points, contrast lines and adapters are determined quickly and accurately, and displayed in the software including the calculated 3D coordinates.


TRITOP Professional System Basic Training

The local coordinate system in the software makes it possible to perform local or drawing-based evaluations. Transformations or corrections to rigid body movements can then be calculated for these components.

Additional freely trito inspection principles are available via I-Inspect. Following, they evaluate the quality of the images in the software and learn how to create a high-quality 3D point cloud.

We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website. Fields of Application Inspection of sheet metal parts and car bodies, e.

In addition, image mapping also allows fast and easy project navigation during analysis.

Photogrammetry | TRITOP | Optical 3D coordinate measurement | CMM

Evaluation features are available for the deformation analysis of points. Complete 3D measuring machine with minimum hardware requirements 2 cases with a total weight of 23 kg The object is not touched during measuring Very high accuracy also for large objects No wear and tear, no decrease of accuracy Easy handling Independent of environmental conditions climatic chamber, yritop air Social Media Connect with us for news, events, trends and careers.

Image mapping is therefore one supporting element in the presentation of results. So tritkp operators can work with a specific image during all work phases, an image from one stage can be displayed through several stages in TRITOP multiphase projects. Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website and how you can manage or withdraw your consent at any time can be found in our Privacy Statement Cookie Settings.


False-color representation Deviation of individual points as labels Sections, angles and distances Diameters and flatness Tables and lists. Spreadsheets in VDA format, for example, are available for doing so.

Workflows used to evaluate single or multiple components can therefore be standardized in order to save time and money. The software can be operated via a single button and therefore helps simplify the entire process, so that inspection tasks can be performed at speed. Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website and how you can manage or withdraw your consent at any time can be found in our Privacy Statement Cookie Settings.

Introduction to the TRITOP camera and software Photogrammetry basics Manual photogrammetry of simple and complex parts Simple inspection and parametric inspection Evaluation of multiple stages Camera handling Correct use of shooting techniques Preparation of measuring objects — handling of reference points Handling flat measuring objects Handling particularly large measuring objects Evaluation of photogrammetric images Alignment methods Inspection planning — working with project templates Working with tables and diagrams Customizing the display of results Creation of reports.

The local coordinate systems also form the basis for 6DoF analysis. An online search for multiple identified coded points can be easily implemented. All evaluation steps can be traced and therefore easily modified and adjusted. A timeline integrated in the graphical interface supports the management of multi-stage projects, for example in statistical process control SPC and deformation analysis.

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