Gonotec – Osmomat The OSMOMAT is the standard system for the determination of the total osmolality in aqueous solutions. This system is commonly. Gonotec Gesellschaft für Meß- und Regeltechnik mbH does not assert any claim on trademarks or trade names other than its own. ® OSMOMAT model. Find pricing on new and used Gonotec Osmomat ‘s and other lab products. Connect with a variety of sellers on LabX and buy today.

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Gonotec Osmomat For Sale | Labx

REF Article number or order number The following pages provide you with a step-by-step introduction to using, maintaining and servicing the measurement equipment. Tonotec does not warrant that the operation of a product will proceed without errors or interruptions.

Be sure to identify samples uniquely. Tear off any paper protruding from the slot before replacing the ribbon. Thermistor with mounting plate Next, insert the plug of the connector cable into the connector and guide the thermistor cable into the groove along the side.

Crystallization resolution Using the ice crystal-laced tip of an automatically controlled stainless steel needle Option D: For questions about using the LabWrench web site please call us. Do not run the initial measurement until at least two minutes have elapsed after the unit was switched on. The re-attached thermistor must then be aligned. A strong variance in calibration readings e. Printer paper PU 8 Order No. Run another measurement with distilled water.

Alphanumeric dot matrix printer, 5×7 matrix, date, time of each measurement Number of digits: Analog port for continuous recording of the temperature development with a compensating recorder. The design of the Osmomat auto is based on ten years of experience with the measuring principle of the Osmomat Passages requiring special attention are marked as follows: Analog output via DIN standard socket, 5-pin Output voltage: Step 6 Aligning the thermistor probe Alignment of the thermistor probe and the lower cooling system is of critical importance for reproducibility of the OSMOMAT cryoscopic osmometer readings.


Such actions invalidate the compliance statement and transfer responsibility to the originator of said actions.

All countries outside the EU. Replacing the ribbon D. Omomat plateau occurs here as well, but it is inclined. Osmolality is an important measure of concentration for diluted solutions, such as all bodily fluids. Now you can remove the thermistor and mounting plate from the initiation needle.

Exclusion of the fact that the warranty exclusions and restrictions named here restrict the legal rights of a customer for example: The highly sensitive thermistor probe is now immersed in the sample solution.

Analog interface with pin assignment No crystallization Possible Cause Procedure Needle too long or too short Bring needle to proper length Needle not deburred at tip e.

Grub screws Thermistor probe adjustment along Y-axis. Rear view of the Osmomat When crystallization begins, ice forms spontaneously.

They must be removed in order to remove the entire cover. Press the ‘CAL1’ key. If you gonoec a document or resource that does not belong please let us know by emailing info labwrench.

Osmomat 030

Compliance is declared per Annex III. Now press the measuring vessel holder down into the measuring position noticeable resistance. A special tool, included in the standard accessories, is required to adjust the thermistor probe. It should therefore be handled according to the safety provisions and precautions for electric measurement, control and laboratory equipment.


Following the zero point calibration, a control measurement with water should confirm the exact calibration. The thermistor probe is immersed in the sample liquid. In the idle position of the motor swipe, the end of the needle must not extend below the lower edge of the cooling pin. Special version for 3-point calibration Appendix The needle can then be straightened caution—risk of Remedy: The display shows the current temperature. The inevitable result is miscalibration of the unit and thus faulty measurement results with your samples.

Gonotec Osmomat Cryoscopic Osometer Observe all relevant precautions and regulations do not swallow, do not taste, always wear gloves, etc.

Seed crystals of this type can be easily eliminated by briefly heating the sample liquid close to its boiling point and subsequently cooling it. In principle, any other terminal software can be used, but the data format will have to be adjusted.

We cannot accept responsibility for any missing items reported at a later date.

The simple menu-driven operation requires a minimum of user interaction and allows an automated operation of the Osmomat. To replace the fuses, use a small screwdriver to remove the fuse holder on the back of the unit. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The freezing points of pure water and a solution are measured and compared. If Gonotec is notified within the warranty period of a defect in a software product, in media or in a thermistor probe and if the Gonotec warranty applies to the defect, Gonotec shall replace the defective product.

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