Also extant in Syriac is the Book of the Laws of Diverse Countries, a dialogue on fate in various different versions, accounts of Bardesanes’ cosmological ideas. W. Cureton, “Bardaisan – The Book of the Laws of Countries”, in Spicilegium syriacum, A. Merx, Bardesanes von Edessa nebst einer Untersuchung über das. Owing to political disturbances in Edessa, Bardesanes and his parents moved for of Ani in Armenia and tried to spread the Gospel there, but with little success.

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Brill’s First Encyclopaedia of Islam, To indicate the city of his birth his parents called him “Son of the Daisan”, the river on which Edessa is situated. Halle,I, ]. He wrote all in Syriac, but his book was afterwards translated into Greek”. Halle,I, ]. Each re-acts on each, none is absolute. This famous dialogue, the oldest remnant not only of Bardesanite learning, but even of Syriac literature, if we except the version of Holy Writis not be Bardesanes himself, but by a certain Philip, barddsanes disciple.

Bardesanes and Bardesanites – Encyclopedia Volume – Catholic Encyclopedia – Catholic Online

Julius Africanus says that he saw Bardesanes, with bow and arrow, mark the outline of a boy’s face with his arrows on a shield which the boy held.

He indeed was at first a follower of Valentinus, but afterward, having rejected his teaching and having refuted most of his fictions, he fancied that he had come over to the more correct opinion.

It is reminded thereof by a letter from home, succeeds in snatching a raiment of light, it returns to receive its rank and glory in the kingdom of its father. It contains occasional notes on philology and backgrounds with references to Hardesanes and Merx.

Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Series II/Volume I/Church History of Eusebius/Book IV/Chapter 30

About this page APA citation. It is also uncertain whether this dialogue is identical with “The Book of the Laws of the Countries”, of which later on Eusebius, Hist. gospl


Though nearly all his works have perished, we find notices of the following: It is disputed whether the original was in Syriac or in Greek; Nau is decided and rightly in favour of the former. My email address is webmaster at newadvent.

All things, even those which we now consider inanimate, have a measure of liberty. The author, however, is not Bardesanes but his disciple Philip, although Bardesanes is the chief speaker in the dialogue, who answers the questions and problems of his followers regarding the bardesanws of men and the position of the stars.

His pagan parentsNuhama and Nah ‘siram, must have been people of rank, for their son was educated with the crown-prince of the Osrhoenic kingdom, at the court of Abgar Manu VIII. Catholic Online School Free Catholic education for all.

To Bardesanes the sun, moon, and planets were living beings, to whom, under Godthe government of this world was largely entrusted; and though man was free, he was strongly influenced for good or bardesnes evil by the constellations.

Catholic Online on Facebook Catholic social network. Bardesanes showed great literary activity against Marcion and Valentinus, the Gnostics of the day. Ephrem, the Bardesanites of batdesanes day were given to many puerilities and obscenities. In fact, the latest view that of Hort tries to rob Gnosticism of Bardesanes, and carry him off into the fold of orthodoxy. By a strange gospsl, however, one of the hymns of the great poet of Gnosticism has been preserved to us The Hymn of the Soul.

Against a questioning disciple called Abida, Bardesanes seeks to show that man’s action are not entirely necessitated by Fate, as the outcome of stellar combinations. Support Free Education Tax deductible support Free education. Fortune also plays its part, but is not absolute, and Nature also.

He apparently denied the Resurrection of the Body gospe, but thought Our Lord’s body was endowed with incorruptibility as with a special gift. He apparently denied the Bardeanes of the Bodybut thought Our Lord’s body was endowed with incorruptibility as with a special gift. Bardaisan showed great literary activity against Marcion and Valentinus, the Gnostics of the day.



He was clearly no ascetic, but dressed in Oriental finery “with berylls and caftan”, according to St. He was also a Docetist, as he denied Christ’s birth of a woman. Whether this Antoninus is merely a friend of Bardesanes or a Roman emperor and, in the latter case, which of the Antonini is meant, is matter of controversy. Though the correctness of this statement is not quite above suspicion, it probably has a foundation in fact.

Latest Videos on YouTube. Of these, however, only the “Hymn on the Soul ” is generally acknowledged to be by Bardesanes, the authorship of the others is doubtful.

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Bardesanes and Bardesanites

Ephraim of Syria, Translated by A. Ephrem’s zealous efforts to suppress this powerful heresy were not entirely successful. His royal oc became probably afteri. Some sources refer to his high birth and wealth; according to Michael the SyrianBardaisan’s parents had fled Persia and Sextus Julius Africanus reports that he was of Parthian origin.

But as for myself, in my humble opinion, it appeareth to me that these three sects are partly true, and partly false. The following extracts from the speeches of Bardaisan will throw much light bardesabes on the astrological ideas in the Pistis Sophia. But unfortunately, with the zeal of a convert anxious to use his previous acquirements in the service of the newly found truth, Bardesanes mixed his Babylonian pseudo-astronomy with Christian dogma and thus originated a Christian sect, which was vigorously combated by St.

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