Lowry’s (The Giver) spellbinding story centers on a clever, curious young dream- giver. Littlest One is learning the nocturnal task performed by. Littlest One is a tiny creature slowly learning her job of giving dreams to humans. Each night she and her teacher, Thin Elderly, visit an old. Littlest One isn’t quite sure what she is. She’s practically transparent, but she casts a shadow. She’s not like a dog (she doesn’t have a tail.

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Littlest is being trained by Fastidious to bestow dreams on humans, and yes, the latter is hard-to-please. Lowrt are these little fairy like creatures forgot what they are called that come into yo Okay, This one was truly a child’s book.

I’m not sure how I avoided reading this one for so long. She’s a bit of a caricature of a kindly grandmother, honestly.

The collected fragments become stories of the person to whom they belong, and as dreams they transmit restorative feelings of love, pride, happiness, companionship, laughter and courage. Up Close With Bugs. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. See all 6 questions about Gossamer….

Strapping is able to find his potential but Fastidious is stuck in her critical attitude that stifles her imagination and ability to find joy.

Gosdamer don’t take their work lightly, but they must not become too involved with their humans or their memories. It is a great motivational book for younger readers. For such a slim work, the characterizations of Thin Elderly and Littlest are strong—she the sprightly little girl learning her trade, he the bemused and patient elder. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Back to the book review. Joe CaramagnaDisney and Amy Mebberson. This is a fun and quick read that is goswamer as dreamy and intangible as the title. Once I saw this gossaemr on sale, I knew I just had to get it! I expected a good read Lowry has done a brilliant job with her writing and every part of the story is perfect and well crafted.


An author who is… More about Lois Lowry. Norah Piehl writes from Wellesley, Massachusetts. Though it is a complete work of fiction, Lowry deals with tough, very real issues, especially the abuse the little boy endures and how he learns to cope with life afterward.

Female Super Heroes Save the World. Littlest One and her teacher, Thin Elderly, are tiny creatures whose job it is to touch beloved objects and then piece the bits of memory and emotion therein into dreams for humans. Of course, Lois Lowry and the word, typical, don’t go hand-in-hand. Can Littlest use her creativity, her empathy and her gossamer touch to help save the boy from his haunting past?

Oct 09, C. He was careless in his dream-giving; however, after he was assigned to John’s mother as punishment, he becomes more affectionate and caring.

Except it was prettier.

Francesco Artibani and Disney. It left me smiling and glad to have read it. He is quite experienced, and patiently answers Littlest’s questions without taking offense. But when the woman takes in John, a foster child, his anger and troubled past leave him open to torment by the Sinisteeds, gossamrr the dream-givers must find a way to counteract this.


His past and the way he was skewed by it with small bits of childish innocence mixed in was so heartbreaking! Who Was Nikola Tesla? It follows a young gossamer and her teacher as they give pleasant dreams to an older woman and a young boy named John who is staying in her home as a foster child.

Today I am back in Cambridge, Massachusetts, living and writing in a house dominated by a very shaggy Tibetan Terrier named Bandit. Also, the way the story is worked and connected is wonderful and exciting. Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and from there went to Tokyo when I was eleven. I’m glad I paid the 99 cents for these compiled words. This book had me bawling my eyes out. But it was the boy who caught my attention. In less than pages, she managed to create an entire “imaginary” world and 3 well-developed human characters without losing anything in terms of theme and conflict.


I found myself more interested in the “guardians of the dreams” than the actual humans, and even then I found the names of the guardians somewhat silly and the whole process of touching fragments to give the humans something to dream about ridiculous.

Horrible Harry and the Field Day Revenge!

Not recommended for young readers due to a few abusive details, but otherwise, this is a unique book with heartwarming detail. There are these little fairy like creatures forgot what they are gosaamer that come into your room at night and touch all your stuff starting to sound like Robert Goulet in the Emerald Nuts commercial huh to gather “good” fragments.

Gossamer by Lois Lowry | : Books

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Her use of launguage is lovely, and I was utterly absorbed. May 19, Samantha Cornejo rated it it was amazing. Sep 12, Maury Lowe rated it it was amazing.

GOSSAMER by Lois Lowry | Kirkus Reviews

Return to Book Page. It was magical, and it so closely echoed everything I’ve wanted but failed to put into words – it was like reading a piece of my own brain. But it left me, too, with a wish to honor him by joining the many others trying gissamer find a way to end conflict on this very fragile earth. The abuse to John might disturb some readers.

Apr 21, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: All About Sam Attaboy Sam!

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