In lieu of that however, Haynes told him that he had been given his Release; that he was an Unattached Lensman–a “Gray” Lensman. Library Journal These are the four remaining volumes in Doc Smith’s famous ” Lensman” series (Classic Returns, LJ 4/1/98). A finalist for a special Hugo Award . Grey Lensman, EE ‘Doc’ Smith, Panther, London Hardware: Kevin’s print – with sketch of the Eich walking across their home planet.

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Then surprisingly, just before Christmas, I found Gray Lensman in my local second-hand book store. Initially, the frigid-blooded, poison-breathingmultidimensional Eichbriefed in a perpetual aura of near-absolute zero coldare truly scary monsters and the epitome of evil.

Jan 26, Anne rated it really liked it. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. On this job I can recognize nothing of lnesman taste, of courtesy, of chivalry, or even of ordinary common decency. But the observers of the Galactic Patrol did not depend upon eyesight alone. The writer even goes on to compare Smith’s stories to those of van Vogt, Heinlein and Vinge.

Lower; Wily Ley Condition: And our ultra-wave communicators, working below the level of the ether, in the sub-ether Usually referred to as “ether-walls” or “screens. Worsel, I’d like to have you stay with the ship. He had been told that Kinnison, and therefore, supposedly the rest of the visitors, were beings fashioned more or less after his own pattern.

As a matter of course he entertained, and was entertained by, the Tellurian Ambassador. Boskonian gry are scattered across the universe – hidden by gigantic thought-screens that defy penetration. YES I have read and consent to Hachette Australia using my personal information or data as set out in its Privacy Policy and I understand I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time. Although the nurse, as has been said, was anything but vrey, she appeared almost petite against the Lensman’s mighty frame as they took off.

In fact, they’re about as fine a couple of youngsters as old Tellus ever produced. And that isn’t half of it. He attended the University of Idaho and graduated with degrees in chemical engineering; he went on to attain a PhD in the same subject, and spent his working life as a food engineer.


Have every ship in the Fleet go free at once. Metal objects don’t simply disappear – they glow, melt, and even evaporate if the beam is powerful enough. Not one in ten of these fluffs here tonight has ever been beyond the stratosphere; not one in a hundred has ever been out as far as Jupiter, or has ever had a serious thought in her head except about clothes or men; not one of them all has any more leneman of what a Lensman really is than I have of hyper-space or lensmab non-Euclidean geometry!

There followed the maneuvering necessary for one inert body to approach another in space, then Kinnison’s incredible housing of steel was hauled into the airlock by means of space-lines attached to magnetic clamps. You’ll be surprised by some of the titles in this gallery! It simply cannot be described. Gray Lensman is the fourth originally the second book in the Lensman series and the second to focus on the adventures of Lensman Kimball Kinnison.

ASTOUNDING Science Fiction: October, Oct. 1939 (“Gray Lensman”, or “Grey Lensman”)

The Blue and Orange part comes in because Palanians consider cowardice and guile to be virtues. Of all the races of the galaxy, man had always taken the initiative, had always been the leader and commander. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

Three riddled hulks lay dead in trey, and as the three original projectors went black three more flared out. I’ve had the first in the series on my multi-paged reading list for ages, but wanted to read this one before the nominations lenmsan the Retro Hugo this year.

Grey Lensman

This is mostly of the way all old science fiction falls prey to, and the way all modern science fiction will in another 60ish years if that. If you were to reclassify this book for teenagers then it may have some worth but it has certainly put me off returning lejsman the other books in the series.

After the base falls, Kinnison finds some clues that lead him to think that Helmuth was perhaps not the head of Boskone after all.


Kim Kinnison pulls a neat trick when rehabilitating the drug-blasted mind of a young woman who had been hypnotised into being an enemy agent prior to biting an amnesia capsule when captured.

Their master plates were dead. They eventually settle on humans. Of all the men in this whole cockeyed galaxy, you would lenzman to make a dive at Kimball Kinnison, the one man who thinks you’re just part of the furniture. Includes protective force-fieldsinertial dampening techrocket thrustersa generous heat rayand the multi-kilohorsepower engines required to move it around. Then, with the advent of inter-planetary flight, he was instrumental in forming the Interplanetary League.

Grey Lensman (Lensman, book 4) by E E ‘Doc’ Smith

Lensman Kimball Kinnison was graduated Number One of his class–as a matter of fact, although he did not know it, he was Number One of his time. In between he finds time to investigate the second galaxy full of Boskonians, although they find the technologically advanced planet of Medea which they bring back with themhold a scientific conference to create a new super-weapon, the negasphere, and go through the fourth dimension to defeat his old enemies, the Overlords of Delgon.

Lensmen are graded on stages from First to Third; only specially bred individuals get past First-Stage Lensman at the time of the story.

And it’s the type of moral gray actions that a Lensman may have to take lenmsan trying to protect, not just the human race, but all races in this universe striving towards unity and peace see it’s so compelling it even brainwashed me. Or who get mind-controlled without realizing it. Revolt of the Galaxy.

Silently the two circled the great hall once; lustrous, goldenly green gown–of Earthly silk, this one, and less revealing than most–swishing in perfect cadence against deftly and softly stepping high-zippered gray boots.

The best minds in the Galactic Patrol have tried.

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