Petzl has made an effort to educate users, but the bad habits of devotees are difficult to break, and with the release of the Grigri 2 in Video by Petzl – The hand position we showed for belaying with the Grigri 2 in our March issue. Victim. GRIGRI EXPERIENCE. • Read the instructions for use carefully before looking at the following techniques. • You must have already read and understood.

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Topic: The Matik is better than the Grigri up to mm – Forums

We also made several of the sponsored athletes how to belay in a safer way. The general maunal is that Petzl do not follow up belay mistakes. Feeding slack to a leader is smoother and easier with the GriGri 2 than with the most of the other assisted braking options. I have never Said that but it us a fact that many do it which is not good.

In the video they use the grigri2 plus with the anti panic feature so it doesnt matter beside of that many viewers are still belaying with older versions Paul and his team fused a belay device with the Stop, a self-braking descender made by Fernand Petzl in The GriGri 2 is a top-notch belay device for a multitude of uses. Edelrid Pro Dry 7.

The GriGri 2 is still a top performing assisted braking device and the most popular belay device of this kind. The cam does not lock immediately. The Grigri has been the leading belay device for over 20 years and 8a. And the second and most important reason is that it’s a strong grip that will hold the grigri in open position if you do not let go. I’ve experienced the rope running through the grigri both as a belayer and a climber. You mean manuwl part when McClure explained how he uses the GriGri?


Double Rope Rapping with a GriGri.

I’ve seen climbers almost deck due to a “strong” grip as the climber fall. Manuap the end it did work, but had the ground been a little closer he would have fallen. Whether for cragging or even on a multi-pitch, the GriGri 2 remains one of our favorite devices.

Petzl also engraved diagrams for rope installation on the interior and exterior of the maual. I will pay attention to this detail the next time Login in to contribute.

Double Rope Rapping with a GriGri.

He was pulling the rope, then letting it go, then again pulling it and so on. Do you spot the belay mistake in the Grigri instruction video?

Nope, pretty sure he is not doing anything wrong there. Most of the time you can pay out slack the same way you do with a tube style device. First as you grip the grigri, you do not have a firm grip on the rope. I think it could possibly become “the new GriGri”, as, at least I think so, it will be a bit easier to handle for beginners manal this belaying device category.


I have personally taught many of the most well known climbers where to connect the screw carabiner.

Steve’s grip does two things wrong. Using 10 mm gym ropes, it did not work as good as using thinner ropes outside.

However, you could block the fall, as with an “8” manually but what normally happends is trigri your hand goes a bit upwards. However, the way Matt is doing might be copied by newcomers increasing the risk for an accident.

Petzl GRIGRI 2 User Manual – Download

I traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to learn about the new device and put it through the wringer. So now you just used a bad argument against me, that also applies to you. I was trying to give him slack as fast as I could when he grifri the rope again and the breaking mechanism jammed.

Once you get used to it, geigri may refuse to be belayed with any other device! Luckily, these have more or less stopped but still very few belayers are actually following the new Grigri manual.

What if you want to keep someone from hitting a ledge? Login in to contribute. Edelrid Eddy does all of this for half the price.

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