The three sequences of Groundwork comprise a sophisticated reworking of European myth on the order of Yeats’s The Tower. The first is situated by an. Editor’s Note (Jan 13, ): Amanda Jernigan’s book Groundwork, from which these poems were excerpted, was named one of the top five. Amanda Jernigan’s debut poetry collection forwards a critique of contemporary aesthetics and knowledge production. From archaeological excavations in.

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Now, in my thirties, with children, I think of the Christian stories of Annunciation and Nativity, and, in the Classical tradition, of various mothers: I don’t have a particular favorite myth, but rather a series of myths that have spoken to my condition at various times—and a fascination, too, with the way the unfolding of experience can open different stories to our understanding, and vice versa, as we go along.

And the ability to command, in writing, an androgynous voice: Not that I hate it—there is a lot to like about living in a city, and this is home to me; indeed, I’ve come to love it, in a kind of family way.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

An elevator takes you down a story to the reading room. But more and more, what I want to write about is primary concern.

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And I admire a writer like my countryman Steven Heighton, whose poems groundwokr in a broad sweep of history yet also caressingly embrace the dailiness of “writing cheques or checking e-mail. What I appreciate so so much about this work is the tension between the deceptive whimsy of the words and rhyme in stark contrast with the gravity of its meaning.


Angry Baby Dinosaur rated it really liked it Jul 23, Alex Boyd rated it it was amazing Feb 05, You are vroundwork using your Twitter account.

With her partner, the artist John Haney, she has produced limited-edition books and broadsides under the imprint Daubers Press. The streams, uninterrupted, flow from Eden as they always did.

Good readers often ignore grounework writers say about their own work, of course — but it still seems a courtesy to be a touch evasive here!

Groundwork – Biblioasis

But, I am reassured, there is a factory upstream to replicate the bird in polyvinyl chloride: A lot of what’s around me seems unreal: Her arm muscles vibrate with the aftershocks of a blow she delivers with the blade of the spade to some grkundwork mythological figure. Her ar I imagine Amanda Jernigan wandering her world with a spade, that multifarious tool of violence and recovery, with a personal akanda to not just penetrate but live within.

She lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario, with her husband, the artist John Haney. Yes, I did study archaeology.

They are, of course, the questions, and to answer them directly feels unmannerly — as if I were stealing from the reader the opportunity for a direct encounter with the text. I do have richly literate parents, both of them, though they are different sorts of readers. They’re apt to domesticate or make diminutive approachable, nonthreatening their subjects.


It would be presumptuous of me to make any sweeping claims, but I do think of it as distinct from US poetry and from UK poetry.

With Groundwork, Jernigan arrives not as a groundwoork first-timer, but as a wide-eyed master. Adam at the Altar The name shall answer to the beast ………………………. But I will say this: Richard Outram to Michael Carbert:. Of course, each of the sequences in Groundwork is quite different from the other sequences in the book, and this is the case formally as well as thematically: But a poet’s job is probably to pay as little attention as possible to such things, and to continue to follow her instincts in as unselfconscious a way as possible.


Writers would be in a bad way if they believed everything their publicists wrote about them; on the other hand, writers would be in a bad way if they believed nothing their publicists wrote about them. That year the grapes fermented on the vine, the fields lay fallow.

The name shall answer to the beast ………………………. Not that we can’t have cities: And lest I make myself out to be a complete urbanophobe: But, I am reassured, there is a factory upstream to replicate the bird. The time, if time it was, would ripen in its own sweet time.

I think of M.

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