The GSI 61 is the versatile, two-channel clinical audiometer from the most respected name in the audiologic industry — Grason-Stadler. With its state-of-the -art. GSI 61™. CLINICAL AUDIOMETER. Product. Specifications. General Specifications. • ”(W) x ”(D) x ”(H) (LCD raised). • Height with LCD. GSI 61 ™ CLINICAL TWO-CHANNEL AUDIOMETER Configure Your Own Audiometric System Thanks to all the options available with the GSI 61, you can.

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Preliminary Checks If speech testing with recorded voice is to be performed, check that the CD or tape unit is connected and operating properly. Introduction from 8 kHz to 20 kHz for ototoxic drug monitoring.

The GSI Allegro is a handheld screening device ready to take on any testing environment that requires tympanometry and ipsilateral reflexes.

Additionally, the GSI 61 can be connected to a remote computer for managing patient records. Refer to the chapter Set-Up Menu in this manual.

The principle used, is that if a square-wave is sufficiently low-pass filtered, only the fundamental frequency will remain on the filtered output and all harmonics will be gone.

To Two, Too The display will for a few seconds show: The volume can be adjusted on the built-in talk forward microphone. To remove Main PCB and speech card: Then locate the receiver directly on the ear and slide the headband to adjust the fit. The tone ON icon which is displayed when the presentation is made. The GSI 61 resumes the test status held prior to pressing the Talk Forward pushbutton when the pushbutton is released. Current output in dB HL for Channel 1 and Channel 2; also the stimulus, transducer and routing currently selected for each channel.

GSi 61 User Manual

Set the intensity of the tone for each channel to 20 dB above the threshold of each corresponding ear. Ext A, Ext B — External A and External B accept recorded speech material from an optional compact disc player, a two channel tape cassette or a servlce tape recorder. With this command and advised examination can be sent where nn is a Ver: Those filters ensure that RF signals will not enter the transducer cables that otherwise works as very good antennas. Data Transfer When Remote is enabled and the Data Transfer button is pressed, a data record manuual the stored setvice data in a previously selected format is transmitted to a remote device.


The presence of any of these conditions signifies that the cord should be replaced. Communications Talk forward Permits the tester to speak to the patient X X X during an ongoing test at the intensity level set manusl the intensity level control.

To double check a possible problem with the audiometer, check the speech level with live voice through the Mic. Using either live voice or recorded speech, present the standardized manuaal lists W-1 and W-2 Appendix 1 in the guidetesting the better ear first. Present word discrimination material at 50 dB HL through Channel 1 to the aided test ear. The High Frequency earphones are connected to stereo cable extensions which, in turn, are connected into the Right and Left phone jacks on the rear panel.

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When tracking is selected, it is possible to manually change the intensity of Channel 2 to alter the dB difference between the two channels without deselecting Tracking. All other combinations may still be used. The two channels in each attenuator are connected in series, and this gives a theoretical total attenuation of dB. Internal Controls Check Should the front panel controls lock into one state and it is not possible to change any of the parameters, turn off the power.

All keys SW1 through SW12 on the audiometer are connected in matrix form.

Used – Excellent Date updated: The output signals from each source selector are routed to two identical attenuator circuits around IC15, 16 CS The microphone boom rotates degrees so that the microphone may be worn on either the right or left side of the head. The calibration is easily carried out by using the front panel buttons and the turning dials.


The power supply has separate outputs for the digital and analogue parts. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. To unlock the Tone bars, press the Interlock button again.

Route the tone to both ear simultaneously Channel 1 wervice Right; Channel 2 – Left.

Gsi 61 audiometer service manual pdf – Google Docs

Printing was unsuccessful due to communications or printer problem. Internal memory Internal memory stores up to 50 complete. The dashed grid lines are displayed at the intermediate frequencies of 9 kHz, Insert phones might be used in these cases.

Note that in versions prior to 4. A procedure for the measurement of sensorineural sensitivity comparing threshold shifts produced by bone conducted masking noise in normal hearing subjects and in patients. Repeat this procedure with the Channel 2 Hearing Level control. Part Number Rev B Title: Got it, continue to print.

Grason-Stadler GSI 61 Manual Rev B

Page of 98 Go. The scorer is displayed in the test status area of the Status screen.

When testing with the High Frequency earphones, do not allow the presentation of the signal at the maximum dB HL to exceed 10 minutes. Prevention from external interrupts to cause errors after completed automatic test. X Use to toggle between pulsed and continuous test tone, to activate synchronous masking and for special functions and in the set-up menu.

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