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Exclusion of deceased donors post-procurement of tissues. However, there is campso worrisome disproportion between the demand for organ transplants and the number of transplants that are actually performed in Brazil and other countries.

Pancreas donation is contraindicated whenever the eventual transmission of an infectious or neoplastic disease is associated with a poorer prognosis or progression compared with the existing pancreas disease B.

The risk of disease transmission during the window period is higher for high-risk donors Table 4.

The currently accepted expanded criteria for lung donors are as follows: Who should perform the clinical tests for brain death and what is the minimum interval between clinical tests? Brain death is defined as the irreversible loss of brain functions including the brainstem manifested by unresponsive coma, absence of brainstem reflexes and apnea D.

Successful transplantation of organs retrieved from donors with bacterial meningitis. The main risk factors for the transmission of primary CNS tumors are, histological type and malignancy grade; previous history of craniotomy or stereotactic surgery; ventricular systemic shunt; previous history of chemotherapy or radiotherapy; disease duration; and length of survival after surgery. Marginal or expanded criteria donors are those presenting clinical conditions that might reduce graft survival, impair its function or are at high risk of disease transmission D.


Continuing high prevalence of HIV and risk behaviors among young men who have sex with men: According to some reports, grafts from donors with asthmatic lungs might be associated with poor short- and long-term functional outcomes D. The date and time of death recorded in the death certificate should be those corresponding to the determination of brain death, according to CFM resolution no.

The diagnosis of brain death. The criteria defining high-risk donors are described in table 4 B. Factors associated with high-risk behaviors in the previous 12 months these criteria apply to all tissues:. For this purpose, the donor’s clinical history should be carefully reviewed to guide selection of the necessary auxiliary tests D.

Ideally, lung donors should be under 55 years of age Dwith a maximum age of 60 years old according to the aforementioned technical regulation D.

Any decision that has been made based on the use of CNS depressants should be recorded in complete detail with due justification of the patient’s medical records D. However, this parameter ynimed limited use in the case of critically ill patients.

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Advising potential recipients on the use of organs from donors with primary central nervous system tumors. J Heart Lung Transplant. Absence of respiratory efforts confirmed by the apnea test D.

Curr Opin Organ Transplant. A review of lung transplant donor acceptability criteria. There are no standard recommendations for the assessment and selection of this type of donor C. Conselho Federal de Medicina. Transmission of West Nile virus from an organ donor to four transplant recipients. The transmission of tuberculosis via transplanted organs has also been reported B. capos


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The Brazilian medical authorities are actively seeking to minimize the discrepancy between the supply and demand for organs. Systematic reviews with homogeneity of randomized controlled trials 1B: The date and time of death recorded in the death certificate unimev be those corresponding to the last procedure tuia the determination of brain death D.

The main absolute contraindication to lung donation is the high risk of transmission of infectious or neoplastic diseases with a poorer prognosis or progression compared with the existing lung disease – see question 19 D.

Can the preprocurement pancreas suitability score predict ischemia-reperfusion injury and graft survival after pancreas transplantation? Donor-derived infections in solid organ transplantation.

Donor colonization by multidrug resistant bacteria is not a contraindication to donation, except in the following cases: Canadian Neurocritical Care Group. Equally important is the recognition of the occurrence of brain death as soon as possible to institute effective maintenance campso and reduce the risk of family guja D. In places where no IML unit is available, the death certificate is issued by a local doctor who is appointed as the ad hoc coroner by legal or police authorities D.

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