GUSTAV AULÉN AND CHRISTUS VICTOR. In recent years, the theory of atonement known as Christus Victor (“Christ the victor”) has been both championed. Sep 5, Gustaf Aulen’s classic work, ‘Christus Victor’, has long been a standard text on the atonement. Aulen applies “history of ideas’ methodology to. The term Christus Victor comes from the title of Gustaf Aulén’s groundbreaking book 1st published in ’31 which drew attention to early Church understanding of.

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Finally, there are too many excellent asides and thoughtful supporting points made to mention. Feb 15, Tony rated it really liked it. His treatment of Christian history is insightful and there is no doubt he knowledge of it and the significant contributors is brilliantly broad.

Christus Victor – New World Encyclopedia

Megan rated it it was amazing Mar 02, In that view, God is somewhat vhristus, because God loves humans but also condemns them for their waywardness, and the crucifixion and atonement are ways God has of being both the enactor and recipient of God’s grace.

It’s not an apologetic for Christus Victor, but a thorough history on the three views.

Technically, I don’t own it: Jan 20, Joel Wentz rated it it was amazing. Nov 02, Steve rated it liked it.

Here are some important texts that chrlstus this point: He redeemed it still united to his nature on the cross. Wipf and Stock PublishersSep 5, – Religion – pages.


First, I don’t agree that Aulen has accurately grasped Anselm’s doctrine of atonement and therefore sets him up as a rationalist before rationalism. Of course, the way in which Christ defeated Satan victro the demonic powers was by offering himself as a penal substitutionary sacrifice for sinners. By contrast, Christus Victor depicts Christ’s sacrifice, not as a legal offering to God in order to placate his justice, chridtus as the decisive moment in a war against the powers of darkness; the law included.

Craig Denton Nov 23, at 8: Even if the reade Among the top five books I have ever read! That is the formula. This he set aside, nailing it to the cross.

Gustaf Aulén – Wikipedia

When Satan accepted Christ as the ransom for our deliverance he was unable to hold him because of his sinlessness. Any theories we build up as to how Christ’s death did all this are, in my view, quite secondary: Other biblical passages seemed to reinforce this perspective:. And finally, Aulen argues that the motivating force behind the Anselmian view is a desire for rationality. No doubt, I will reread this book many times.

Gustaf Aulén

Probably similar in ways to Stott’s The Cross of Christ. Part of a series on. Although written almost a century ago this work provided such a wonderful overview of the classic idea of the atonement that I was thrilled in the discoveries being made along the way. For an excellent review of this book, I recommend the one by George Evenson.


But the books merits include the fact that it finally back in 19 This is certainly an important book but I think it is flawed on several accounts. I obtained this book in New York. The classic view posits that Christ’s incarnation and atonement was God’s way of defeating the demonic yustaf that held humanity captive from within.

Atonement is an act of God offered to human, not human offering it to God, through which God reconciles the world to Himself. The Hebrew word ” tikkun olam ,” repairing the world, has the same idea.

Christus Victor

Thus he lost his power and forfeited his right to mankind. The “saved” are like the companions of the absolute monarch, at one with his judgments and protected under his aegis–perfect servants as it were.

It should hold the dualism of the Bible in tension with the sovereignty of God, and not allow one side to swallow chrisuts the other.

The Christus Victor model presents the work of Christ as a triumph over the devil, powers demonsbondage of sin, and the “law.

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