UTTAR PRADESH STATE HAJ COMMITTEE Waiting List Numbers uphajcommittee. . haj committee of india,mumbai haj cover head manifest list (all. haj committee of india,mumbai haj cover head manifest list (all Waiting – Haj Committee · uphajcommittee. Ministry of External Affairs is the pivot for the Haj affairs. Indian Haj pilgrims perform Haj through two channels – Haj Committee of India (HCOI).

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You can write any method that returns a boolean to set the Selected value based on your requirements, in my case I used the existing Equal Method.

It was decided that the MEA would proceed further bearing in mind i orders of the Hon’ble Courts; ii the claims of the old PTOs and the legitimate aspirations of new PTOs who have been unsuccessfully applying in the last few years; iii the interests of the pilgrims and iv issues relating to the Saudi government.

GetActivity id ; historyVM. The OP is asking liist to set the selection after the list is instantiated. Alex Stephens 1, 1 18 Adam 1 11 Doug Lampe 1, 11 7. Participants of the meeting emphasized that there is a constraint of time in which a just and practical solution has to be worked out.

Out of the above applicants inPTOs have not qualified for quota allotment, for the following reasons: When I use this approach it generates the html for the drop down fine but not the html to set the selected value based on the last argument to the SelectList constructor. Sincevarious court decisions have underlined the need for equitable and fair allocation of Llist quota among all the eligible PTOs including newer applicants.

Ran into the same question. This approach does not work for me either. UntilHaj quota was distributed among PTOs on the basis of their qualifications and experience. Barney 1, 2 17 Afaik, the selectlist data is provided by the controller to the view, so it is created before sellection view consumes it.


The Selection Series

DropDownListthe “current selected value” in the SelectList constructor is ignored. In the meeting, it was emphasized that if any of the applications of PTOs were not accepted, the objective reasons behind the decision would be clearly spelt out in a transparent manner.

Also, you don’t have to put any unnecessary UI classes i. By lits our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyselectiin our Terms of Service.

Immortal Blue haj2009, 10 Net MVC spirit at the time of writing; when not happy roll your own Supreme Court of Pakistan in his decision has ordered to reopen all the cases which were struck down by this ordinance. Why are you trying to set the value after you create the list?

The Selection Series | The Selection Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Please Help My Parents Applied for govt. Email required Address never made public. How can I set the selectedvalue property of a SelectList after it was instantiated without a selectedvalue.

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From around the Web. To the downvoter – could you care to explain why feel this is a bad answer?! The second merit list for first year junior colleges which was scheduled for 11 am today has been postponed to July He said that Saudi government has been requested for an increase in the allocated quota, in view of population increase, and expressed a hope for being allocated a quota of 10, more during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The where can be replaced with a single call to First: Final merit list releasing today dtemaharashtra.

HTML option selected Attribute

Vahanvati and senior MEA officials were present. The above quota ofallotted to the new PTOs, will be made available by effecting a cut on pro-rata basis from the quota of the existing PTOs subject to the mandatory condition that no PTO receives less than 50 seats.

Sign up using Email and Password. GetCountries”id”, “countryName”, “82” ; this uses my method getcountries to populate a model called countries, obviousley you would replace this with whatever your datasource is, a model etc, then sets the id as the value in the selectlist. Erik Lenaerts 31 2.


You can use below method, which is quite simple. Former Provincial… yasmin on When do we Pakistanis start tr…. Among the existing PTOs who have received Haj quota earlier9 PTOs are those against whom Saudi authorities have communicated certain reservations; Among the new PTOs who have been applying for three years or more, 1 PTO did not complete the requisite documentation in its application, despite MEA providing due feedback and extending the time limit; Among the new PTOs who have been applying for two years or more, 41 PTOs did not complete the requisite documentation in its application despite MEA providing due feedback and extending the time limit; Remaining new applicants do not qualify since they have been applying for less than two years.

Jazba Blog

Doug answered my question NEET state merit list to be out today. Based on the above court guidelines, legal opinion, the requirement of compliance with court orders and the need to evolve a framework to reform the PTOs quota allocation process based on transparency and objectivity, it has been decided to allocate the quota of for Haj to all those eligible PTOs who have been applying including the old PTOs who have received quotas for at least two years or more until When doing so, for some reason when stepping into my model my selected value affiliated property was never set, only until I stepped into the view it came into scope.

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