Hallu®-Fix Arthrodesis System. CLOSE. Home > Orthopedics > Foot & Ankle > Hallu®-Fix Arthrodesis System. Hallu®-Fix Arthrodesis System. ×. Hallu®-Fix. The HALLU®-Lock M.T.P. Arthrodesis Plating System is intended for fixation of The HALLU-Lock plates must be fixed with the Surfix® fixed angle locking. HALLU®- FIX, HALLU®- LOCK & Total Foot System Metatarsophalangeal. (MTP) Joint Arthrodesis System Reimbursement Guide – Effective October 1.

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Intervertebral Device Implanted 2 3. Surfix standard screws are inserted as described in the previous steps, hqllu any locking with the Locking screws. Step 6 Plate Positioning The plate has 2 marks on its dorsal aspect: Instruments and implants approved by More information. Hand injuries, especially the fractures of metacarpals and phalanges, are the most common fractures in the skeletal system.


We are dedicated to developing products, service. We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that More information. Phalangeal Preparation Step 5: A temporary K-wire is introduced from the phalanx to the metatarsal to stabilize the joint in the adequate position for final arthrodesis.

We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and haolu that. The metatarsal head should be protected when reaming. Care is taken not to penetrate the interphalangeal joint.

Preparation of the Screw Holes Step 9: The incision is centered just medial to the extensor hallucis longus, and deepened to the joint capsule, through the subcutaneous tissues. Universal system Modular packaging maximizes screw options Low-profile design More rix. Page 2 Ffix Features Features and Benefits 4. This prevents potential damage to threaded holes. Surfix drilling guides Printed in the USA 2. Table of Contents Introduction 3. Table of contents Indications 2.

Hallu-Fix MTP Arthrodesis System

Table of contents Indications and contraindications 3 Implants 4 Instruments 4 Preoperative planning More information. Measuring the Depth Step NeuraWrap nerve protector is an absorbable collagen implant that provides a non-constricting encasement for injured peripheral.


Drill Bits for Screw Removal. Page 6 Product More information. Patient Fit is Now an Option. Drill AO 2 in 1 6.

Table of Contents Introduction 2. Be sure to discuss. Universal system Modular packaging maximizes screw options Low-profile design. A similar cut is made in the metatarsal head perpendicular to the long axis of the metatarsal shaft.

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We are dedicated to developing products, service More information. The column at the right gives you space to make personal notes. Preparation of the Joint Surface Step 3:

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