Download HAMEG HM OSCILLOSCOPE UM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Find great deals for HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have been experiencing a problem with my Hameg HM oscilloscope. It was working correctly then the trace suddenly went back to the left.

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Oszillograph HM208

Lissajous figures can be displayed in the X-Vmode for cer- tain measuring tasks; hame Comparing two signals of different frequency or bringing one frequency up to the frequency of the other signal.

Should the waveform held in store 1 and store 2 need to be plotted, take care not to release the HOLD buttons when using the 2. Safety This instrument has been designed and tested in accor- dance with lEC PublicationSafety Requirements for Electronic Measuring Apparatus, and has left the factory in a safe condition.

When displaying very low frequency pulses, the flat tops may be sloping with AC coupling of the vertical hamfg AC limit frequency approx. Regulated DC power supplies: The signal is visible on the screen in this setting in the refresh mode. If the DUAL button is depressed, both channels are work- ing.

If the variable control knob is pulled out MAG X5the sensitivity in each attenuator switch position is increased by a factor of 5.


HAMEG HM208 Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage

This is detected if the trace position changes noticably when the small knob with red arrow cap at the CH. The latter applies both for analog and memory mode. Insert probe in 0.

However, we would point out that such attenuator probes usually have a too long rise time so that the total bandwidth of oscilloscope with attenuator probe is far below that of the HM For fine adjustment of vertical amplitude Channel 1 or II. It is replaced by the digitally generated quartz control timebase.

Hameg HM 2 Kanal Storage | eBay

On the other hand, a video signal at line frequency can be displayed with AC possibly also DC trigger coupling. High volt- ages are dangerous. Here pay attention that the cover plate is also correctly engaged.

How- ever, they are read out from the two single memories after one another alternately and displayed on the screen. The base line can now be varied appropriately vertically with Y-POS. The other signal can then have a leading or lagging phase angle.

The previously stored waveform is retained during the wait- ing time. However, the vertical display height on the screen is then limited to approx.

Hum or common-mode interference often be reduced by this technique. As already noted, automatic trigger- ing is also inoperable below 30 Hz. The two signals must generally be synchronous, but they may certainly have a constant phase difference.


We do not advise measuring the post acceleration voltage of It goes out at the instant of triggering. This setting is then optimal.

HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage | eBay

hamsg A YT type plotter can be used, utilising its own X feed, although this is obviously not possible for XY plots from the oscilloscope. They are used according to requirements. If it is necessary to employ the full dot density of Channel I alone, two buttons 2. I should be in position GD ground. Standard attenuator probes on the oscilloscope normally reduce its bandwidth and increase the rise time.

X10 and the knob for the horizontal trace position X-POS. Correction of the DC balance After a certain time in use, it is possible that the thermal properties of the double FETs in the inputs to the two verti- cal amplifiers may have changed slightly.

In principle, the instrument triggers in the positions AC and DC even at fre- quencies above 10 MHz; however, the trigger threshold is then increased.

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