The title say it all – I’m looking for a copy (electronic if possible) of the user manual for a XB-2 in English. Hammond-Suzuki have it for download. How to fix loose keys on the XB-2 manual. jackets from Hammond and do it yourself, or pay. SERVICE MANUAL. XB-2, XB-Sn. CAUTION! see safety notice inside. J. May, HAMMOND SUZUKT, LTD. frt\(\ont.i\c On vse. 60\o\. Scan by Manual.

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On the XB-2, the drawbar positions either live or recalled from memory are displayed on an LCD below the manual keyboard.

I like this because it lets me control which frequencies growl and which ones are clean. Midi Program Number Options A Basic Diapason Tone Press and hold any preset button for 2 seconds to save the new or changed registration on this preset.

When using velocity triggering for percussion I find that the percussion is pretty soft unless you really lean on the velocity.

The normal setting was the loudest available, yet still softer than some examples of real B3 key click I’ve heard. Need to learn how to growl I don’t know if anyone else here takes this point of view.

XB2-Kit mk3 User Manual – KeyboardPartner Wiki

I haven’t messed much with the OD pots. Ive spent the entire weekend in my music room with the organ, Im amazed how good it sounds in my 5.


If I don’t want the synth to sound when I’m playing the organ, I’ll turn on the organ solo. You need to know how to use drawbars, percussion, overdrive, chorus, vibrato, leslie hammondd get the sound that you want.

A Basic String Tone Right pot controls overall output volume for audio jacks as well as headphone.

HAMMOND XB-2 2N SM Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

If you get lost, send me e-mail and I’ll send you my default settings, but they may be different for you if your circuit board is of a different revision than mine. That I would if you had the spare time ron!

Write down the factory-set position of ALL the trim pots! In Split Gate That’s why I always have both.

XB2-Kit mk3 User Manual

The name of each pot adjustment is screened onto the circuit board in English somwhere near its mounting point. How To Edit Parameters When performing with guitarists who are playing in short, staccato, rhythmic patterns, I should be playing organ instead of piano parts. Vibrato Mode And Speed Many people have complained that increasing the XB2 overdrive level using the mod wheel adds way too much volume to the output signal.


April 21, at As I get into the bass rotor range I increase the boost even more. Figured out the organ solo button, quite hmmond

If lower manual is played or was played lastly, drawbars and vibrato button control lower manual fed by MIDI or section below split point. Organ Solo Touch Tab Therefore, take a few seconds to write your settings down and avoid feeling stupid later.

Each key in the XB-2 has a small guide hmmond the part of the key that is closest to you. The chosen enabled TC analog mux selects which input to pass to its output on pin 3, which is then op-amp buffered and delivered to the input pin of IC25 BA analog-digital converter.

This has the effect of making the XB-2 a fatter, more playable and versatile organ with improved tone and attack across all registers, making it tonally much more similar to a B In normal mode not editing the patch buttons bring up different presets. The drawbars now work manula. Tone Families By Shape

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