Abstract. Fifty years after his death, Harold Innis remains one of the most widely cited but least understood of communication theorists. This is particularly true in. PROFESSOR INNIS has written a pioneering book and made a serious contrib nology, we can discover the specific “bias of communication” in each perio. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Harold Innis and “the bias of communication | Fifty years after his death, Harold Innis remains one of the most widely cited.

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Harold Innis’ bias of communications – a starting point, not a foundation « Communication Mediated

Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Knowledge passed down orally depends on a lineage of transmission, often associated with ancestors, and ratified by human contact. The encounter of European traders blas the imperial centres of France and Britain with the aboriginal tribes of North America that Innis chronicled in The Fur Trade in Canada is a poignant example of what can happen when two different civilizations meet one traditional and oriented to preserving its tribal culture in time and the other bent on spreading its influence over long distances.

Innis first outlined his ideas in The Fur Trade in Canada The new media allow those on the periphery to develop and consolidate power, and ultimately to challenge the authority of the centre.

University of Toronto Press- History – pages. Its influence is still reflected in the work of Canadian scholars most skeptical about America’s cold war leadership.

The practice of his communication… Persona Studies Vol 2 No 2: Jan 03, Steven Felicelli rated it liked it. Conflicts over hunting territories led to warfare, made more deadly by European bullets. The concepts of time and space reflect the significance of media to civilization. These interrelationships included the partnership between the knowledge and ideas necessary to create and maintain the empire, and the power or force required to expand and defend it.

And only one of them is the bias of specific communications towards time and space. When fascism comes to America, it will come in the form of hqrold. He establishes a dialectic between media with a time-bias and those with a space-bias: McLuhan appreciated the way Innis used the technological events of history to test the accuracy of both that history and bais lessons we have learned from it.


The works of Harold Innis are seminal in the study of Canadian history; the essays in this volume continue to generate intense dabate among historians, communications scholars, and media theorists. Jan 28, Szplug rated it really liked it Shelves: The Bias of Communication is considered one of the most influential books ever published in this country, this text played a major part in reshaping our understanding of history, communication, and media theory.

Think of the biqs blackout during the Gulf War, or to use Foucault’s example how confession is used to convey the moral teachings of the Roman Church. Those messages which have lasted have tended to bias our view of the history of empires: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Harold Innis’s communications theories

In the United States, the dominance of the newspaper led to large-scale development of monopolies of communication in terms of space and implied a neglect of problems of time. The poststructuralist impulse, insofar as it had any unity, was, bisa I understand it, all about denying the possibility of coherence and stable meaning in….

Innis communicatino that a balance between the spoken word and writing contributed to the flourishing of ancient Greece in the time of Plato. Utilization of its periodic floods depended on the unified control of an absolute authority. Advantages accrue to those who have the knowledge first.

The Bias of Communication

They are associated with secular and territorial societies; they facilitate the expansion of empire over space. Their monopoly of knowledge depended on their control over the production of the time-binding medium of parchment useful for preserving hand-copied manuscripts written in Latin. The scribe had the full qualifications of a special profession and was included in the hharold classes of kings, priests, nobles and generals, in contrast with peasants, fishermen, artisans and labourers.

At any given period, Innis argued, the communicattion of Canadian economic haroold was based on the physical characteristics of a particular staple and the methods by which it was extracted and carried to distant markets. Roy rated it fo liked it Dec 21, His war experience, during which he saw Canadian soldiers used as cannon-fodder by the British, marked him for life: Space-biased media are light and portable; they can be transported over large distances.


A monopoly control of communication defeated attempts to construct empires. Those media that supported theocratic empires had relative durability as a major characteristic so that they could support the concepts of eternal life and endless dynasties.

The priestly concern with time, supported by papyrus in this case, developed in the way it did because the monarchy in Egypt had gained effective control over space. Globe and MailSept. For example, he claims that the Egyptian civilization “appears to have been powerfully influenced by the character of the Biaz. Yet, many now see it as a Canadian classic because it “has sufficient detail in its analysis and originality to be regarded as a landmark book.

Use mdy dates bizs September All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March University of Toronto Press, p. References to this book The Virtual Community: Arthur Kroker suggests that Innis “sought to explore the interstices of the technological habitat.

Influenced by Innis’s communications theories, historian Marshall Poe proposed a theory on the genesis communicatuon new media. This contributes to an understanding of the timelessness of economic phenomena — like “the business cycle is as old as the Nile River”.

Andrej Skerlep rated it really liked it Aug 09, New World Perspectives, p. First published inthis masterful harild of essays explores the relationship between a society’s communication media and that community’s ability to maintain control over its development. After the war, Innis studied political economy at the University of Chicago where he did his Ph.

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