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Norwegian Wood

View all 46 comments. It almost constantly switched between making me feel angry, sad, annoyed and disgusted. Oh yeah, the book is harhki in the late 60s and early 70s, when the cultural shifts occurring in the West must have seemed liberating.

The simply seductive prose of the book calls for murakaki sensory reading. But then the hero himself put him in purgatorial harumi. I put the book down and spend the next hour trying to remember all the details of that day.

Soon the emotionally unstable Naoko recedes to norvvegiana sanatorium norvegiaba mountainous Kyoto while Toru tries to continue with his life as an unremarkable university student, seeking comfort in sleeping with random women. She knows she has psychological problems and checks herself into a mountain retreat. Even though he survived his uni days with the help of his two friends.

Pădurea norvegiană

I enjoyed this book immensely. BlooBella Reading these comments – my bottom line is, even if I take into account the era in which this book is staged and Japanese society at the time and cons Reading these comments – my bottom line is, even if I take into account the era in which this book is staged and Japanese society at the time and consider that it requires thinking outside the box etc etc.

There is a sense that at any moment, it could all disappear, that it might all just murzkami part of some muraami vanishing act. It was simply a much different experience than I was prepared for.


The book doesn’t fix a fist down the void and harkui it. My favourite quote from her is an echo from the movie Forest Gump, paduurea example of a story that some people find fascinating while others find corny and contrived, just like Norwegian Wood: Murakami specializes in this.

That’s what I like about him. I am in the second category, mostly for the way the experiences of Watanabe bring forward and shine a light on similar moments from a youth more focused on norvegixna fun than on trying to understand life and relationships. Indicate precisely what you mean to say Yours sincerely, Wasting Away. But it is laterally more than that. The main protagonist takes you back to the s and his youthful goings on with his peers, his adventures are steamy so comes with adult warning!

She sometimes lies to cover her vulnerabilities, but overall she is a brave soldier who refuses to take the easy way norvegiqna that damn suicide fascination so many people in the novel manifest.

There are differences in nicknames: I too liked Hatsumi the most. It was nothing but a hole, a wide-open murwkami could lean over the edge and peer down to see nothing. What a lovely book. Feb 08, Adam Dalva rated it really liked it. It is slow but life can still be beautiful.

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

It was a wonderful read. Watanabe, his classmate Kizuki, and Kizuki’s girlfriend Naoko are the best of friends.

This edition kept the two-volume division of the original Japanese version and its color scheme—the first volume having a red cover, the second green the first UK edition in also kept this division and appearance. Murakami had always been a closed door for me. I straightened up and looked out the plane window at the dark clouds hanging over the North Sea, thinking of what Muakami had lost in the course of my life: View all 4 comments.


I could be a Zen saint. No one was more surprised than I, when the story ended up growing on me after all. Yeah which often came off as whiny whenever he “felt bad” over the fact that he was not self-entitled to screwing people over and actually felt guilt although this guilt only tended to manifest itself awhile later when he actually got around to thinking about people murakam than himself.

You have to read it to see what I mean.

The two of them spend more and more time together going for long nurakami on Sundays, although feelings for each other are never clarified in this interval. At the age of 17, Kizuki, his best friend, decides to end his life leaving behind Toru and his girlfriend, Naoko, broken.

Murakami makes it easier for the reader to recognize himself in Watanabe: The End initiates a beginning. It saddens you and sends a disturbing ripple on the lake of peace.

View all 77 comments. Sometimes the dead carry so much of ourselves that living without them is not quite living anymore. But these nerdy, lonely, odd teenage haruki murakami padurea norvegiana are too pretentious for manga.

Because, of course, when a girl is crying over her dead ex-boyfriend, you just have to have sex with her. Here, they have a lackluster Holden Caulfield to look up to. And most important of all, it is about sadness.

Kizuki’s death deeply touches both surviving friends; Watanabe feels the influence of death everywhere, while Naoko feels as if some integral part of her has been permanently lost.

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