Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ya Wang and others published Hayling Sentence Completion Test }. Download Table | Hayling Sentence Completion Test from publication: Verbal suppression and strategy use: A role for the right lateral prefrontal cortex? | Verbal. The Hayling Sentence Completion Test (HSCT) measures prepotent response inhibition, useful to assess inhibition deficit in a variety of clinical.

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It takes approximately five minutes to administer yet yields sentece different measures of executive functioning which can be considered separately or combined into an overall score. Similarly, it has been proposed that deficits in executive sub-processes may simply reflect more general cognitive decline in schizophrenia. Completioj inter-rater reliability, the intra-class correlation coefficient was. According to this context, the general aim of the present work was to explore the clinical utility of our recent French’s HSCT norms Bayard et al.

Since both age and education based on the number of years of education showed sizeable associations with the inhibition f -HSCT indices, only these two variables were considered in regression analyses.

Despite its extensive use by numerous clinical and research groups in France, normative data for the HSCT are not yet available for French speakers.

Compensatory tracking task Purdue Pegboard Test. These latencies were measured with a stopwatch, which was started as soon as the last word of the sentence had been read by the examiner and stopped when participants began responding.


Neurocognition and hay,ing outcome in patients with psychotic, non-psychotic bipolar I disorder, and schizophrenia.

Hayling and Brixton tests

The aim of the present study was therefore to establish normative data for the HSCT, adjusted to the linguistic and cultural realities of the French population. Speed of processing and strategic control of attention after traumatic brain injury.

Published by Oxford University Press. This clinical aspect is nevertheless of fundamental interest for an appropriate interpretation of cognitive performances as a critical component of functional status in individuals with neuropsychological disturbances.

Speed of processing and strategic control of attention after traumatic brain injury. No interaction was found between these demographical characteristics in their relationship with the HSCT inhibition indices.

Hayling and Brixton Tests | Pearson Assessment

Equations to calculate Z scores are provided for clinical use. Vineland Social Maturity Scale. Supplementary material is available at Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology online. These normative data obtained will be extremely useful for clinical practice and research purposes.

Haylinh second reason is that with the regression-based approach, norms can complletion be provided for people with demographic characteristics that were not in the sample groups. The total time to complete both conditions of the f -HSCT was approximately five minutes. View large Download slide. Find your nearest representative for advice on your assessment needs.

The tests are used by clinical neuropsychologists to assess executive functioning in people with neurological disorders such as tumors [2]strokes [3]acquired brain injury [1] [4]Parkinson’s disease [5]dementia [5] [3]Korsakoff’s syndrome [6] [3]encephalitis [7]and also psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia [8].


Executive functions in Parkinson’s disease: Furthermore, these authors did not report data relative to education.

Hayling and Brixton tests – Wikipedia

Therefore a time between 0 and 0. To our knowledge the present study is the first to establish normative data for the f -HSCT in the French population. A Population-based National Study.

In an automatic condition, participants are asked to complete properly sentences i. Email alerts New issue alert.

By consequence, no norms were proposed for this condition. A year-old man with a level of education of 12 years: However, their evolution in older age, in particular after 60 years old, remains unknown. One point was given when tesr subject gave an antonym, a semantically related word, a word that made a vague reference to the sentence, an obscenity or another inappropriate word. In the inhibition condition, subjects are asked to refrain the cueing word and to complete the sentence with an entirely unrelated word.

Short but Sensitive Enough? Participants above 50 years old were complehion for cognitive teest using the Mini Mental State Examination. Meta-analysis of cognitive impairment in first-episode bipolar disorder: The present study aimed to evaluate the clinical utility of the f-HSCT norms in two clinical populations in which inhibition dysfunction has been largely documented, i.

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